Are You a Researcher?

Researchers are invited to use for their own scientific projects. In its native form, Thnx4 can be used as the experimental manipulation for studies of gratitude (e.g. the ‘gratitude condition’), will provide basic, anonymized demographic and daily use data about each user, as well as pre/post assessments of key measures including dispositional gratitude, life satisfaction, subjective happiness, interpersonal reactivity, resilience, perceived stress, and frequency of common physical ailments, for any desired period of time.

If a study requires other data related to a specific question or population, (e.g,. caregiver burnout in nurses), can be customized to deliver additional questions and capture additional measures through collaboration with the developers. Built in Drupal and J-Query Mobile, is designed to be systematic, accessible and ecologically valid, yet flexible and adaptive with the researcher in mind. To inquire about using for your research, please email