Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t received any emails. Help!

When you register for Thnx4, you'll receive a confirmation email from Throughout your gratitude challenge, you will receive emails from If this email goes to your Spam or Promotions folder, try adding to your Contacts list or (in Gmail) drag the message into the Primary tab of your Inbox. Afterward, you should receive emails either daily for 10 sequential weekdays (10-Day Intensive) or every other day (21-Day) during your Gratitude Challenge. These emails will invite you to Say Thnx and Check In. 

I'd like to change my email preferences, but don't know how.

You can change the frequency of emails coming to you from Thnx4 in two ways: change E-mail frequency or Cancel account. To do this, go to your My Account page (a link listed on the left vertical menu), click on the Edit tab (next to View near the top of the page), scroll to the bottom of the page, then select E-mail frequency and select the desired rate. If you want to remove yourself from the Thnx4 community, press Cancel Account. If you are in the middle of a challenge, either as an individual or as part of a group, the only way to discontinue receiving emails from Thnx4 is to cancel your account - and don't worry, you are welcome to reregister anytime!

How do I make my posts private? 

You can tell Thnx4 to keep any of your Thnx private in two ways. During the process of Saying Thnx, check the box that says "Make Private"

If you already published a Thnx and would like to convert it from public to private, you can make it private by going to My Journal and clicking "Make Private" underneath the post. 

How do I upload a profile picture? 

During registration, Thnx4 will invite you to upload a profile picture. After you're registered, you can always go to My Account and change your profile picture there by going to Edit > Picture > Choose File. If your profile picture isn't a square, it will be cropped when displayed on Thnx4. 

My gratitude photo won’t uploadwhat’s going on? 

Photos that you post with your Thnx have to be under 100 MB. Acceptable formats include .png, .gif, .jpg, and .jpeg. 

What emotions do the Check In characters represent?

According to descriptions from Charles Darwin's pioneering text Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals, the expressive configurations depicted by the four sketches featured in Thnx4 are most consistent with amusement, sadness, anger, and affection/tenderness.

Can I share my Thnx with friends? 

If you would like to share your Thnx on social media, click on the blue plus sign beneath any of your Thnx in My Journal. This will enable you to post a link to your Thnx message to the selected platform, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. 

More questions? Read our Help page or email