Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

kmarkparker's picture
I was out late last night and got home after 20:30. By 20:45, I was sitting down to a rich dish of Pasta Carbonara and we were able to chat over a comfortable meal.
I enjoyed a lovely meal without having to do much to prepare it. I had a great yoga class without guilt and I got a good night's sleep from his kindness and generosity.
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My gorgeous 13 year old son and I watched a movie last night on TV, which was about the mother-son bond even after the mother is no longer here. We laughed (some of it was funny) and cried together, we hugged a lot and he dried my tears but I couldn't hold them in any longer.
I felt so grateful to have such a sensitive only child! He reminds me of another reason why I'm on this planet.
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I am grateful for the Internet. It is like a whole new world. I am grateful for this website. I sometimes forget how many good websites I would miss if it hadn't been for the Internet.
I have edited my settings to receive a mail from this site to remind me to post!
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I am able to use technology to help others despite how much I may get frustrated by the process. i know what I can achieve online is far beyond what they can do and they appreciate the help.
reminds me that i am priviledged to have had immigrant parents who sought a better life and thus i have been able to take advantage of these benefits.
gumpybsc's picture
For living on a mountain and having the time and fitness to be able to regularly ride my bike to the bottom then climb it riding back up.
It helps to keep me fit and happier in my older years as a new retiree. Also, I enjoy cycling.
Lydia's picture
I'm grateful for my mother in law. She has been kind and very helpful to me while I've been sick.
She had to do extra work to help me.
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I broke my front tooth (crown) about a month and a half ago. I had previously gone in twice to get it replaced. Both times my dentist did not feel like the permanent crown was perfect. Today he was excited, he thought the crown was perfect. I felt like yes, third times a charm! Everything was ready to go, the cement was placed and the tooth was put in. All of a sudden he told to assistant to grab the water and spray it on my tooth. He removed the tooth prior to the cement setting. He said once he put the tooth in, the color was wrong. We took a trip outside to look at what the tooth looked like in real light. He still thought the color was off, and another tooth would need to be made. The assistant put the temporary back in. While I have gone into the dentist now three times for the same thing, I am so grateful. I am grateful that he cares so much. That he is so picky. He wants it to look perfect. I am grateful that he quick realized it and ensures the cement did not set. I was told by the assistant that if it would have set he would have had to cut it out. I am thankful he cares!
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Heard from dear friend who needed contact info for someone. We haven’t spoken in awhile. She started the text with “ i love you and i miss you”. Beyond grateful that I know that:)
Reminded me that i have people in my life that I don’t see or speak to every day but know love me and I love them.
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My Dad’s surgeon went to see him and check on him, several times today.
It’s so good to see doctors who still care about their patients! Normally, doctors nowadays, and specially surgeons, are so busy, that they forget patients (and family too) need the human touch, and having someone who actually cares.
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I held the door open for a mother with her children. She thanked me and told me that she needed a kind gesture.
It felt genuine.
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I'm thankful for my dog for getting me outside everyday for a walk. Today was cold, dreary and rainy so being outside was the last thing I wanted to do, but my dog doesn't care about the weather, he expects a walk.
Going for a walk improved my mood and made for quiet time to enjoy the outdoors and my dog's company.
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I just feel grateful for the mentors that I have been lucky enough to have in my life. They have helped me grow into the person I am through their guidance. Once in particular who has left us on this earth almost 2 years ago. He showed me so much and pushed me to the edge that made me a stronger leader today. He was an amazing man.
Learning from his teaching has made me into the manager I am today.
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I’m grateful that my kids have kind and skilled teachers this year.
They help my kids every day.
clayton's picture
Drinking kombucha for my stomach!
It made my stomach feel better and improved my mood
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She cleaned my apartment and it felt wonderful to come home.
Made my apartment feel really pleasant.
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I am helping a colleague with her weight and I am thankful that she is letting me help her. It makes me feel good to be helpful.
It gives me a feeling of wellbeing
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a job!
thankful to have a job while others dont
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a security guard directed me to a library to get a document without which I would have been delayed getting medical care for my spouse
It saved me another trip to the agency I had just come from and a delay in getting service.
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I saw my doctor today and I had the experience of being heard and not judged. She validated what was going on for me and how I have been dealing with it on my own.
Knowing that my symptoms are real and stand for something and require that I care for myself in a particular way allows me to set boundaries in a way that has been hard for me to do.
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I got a seat on the bus this morning
Ctracy's picture
I was given an opportunity to be helpful.
Reminded me that I have something worthwhile to contribute
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A friend is genuinely interested in my job search and my well-being as a friend. She asked relevant questions and offered supportive feedback.
Her support offered me comfort and helped me feel more confident about my efforts.
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Jim R Feliciano
A customer came in with a problem. I explained the solution. Then I wrote the steps to achieve the solution. The customer has a problem with English and did not want to make the needed phone call. I offered to call for the customer. The call went smoothly and a solution was resolved.
The customer was very thankful and made me feel happy for going out of my way to help the customer.
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Deborah McMeel
I received a huge stack of school district menus to be counted out for each classroom. There was a small stack of menus translated into Spanish. I got out my list of students that need a translated copy preparing to label those menus before putting them in teacher's boxes, but realized - someone had already labeled them with the child's name and the teacher's name. It made my job so much faster!
I completed my task very quickly so I was able to get on to other duties for the day. It made me happy to think someone had already gone to the trouble to identify the students and put on labels. It was so thoughtful (and efficient).
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My wife made certain I left home with lunch which was good because I left it on the dining room table.
Felt great to know that my best friend was watching out for me. Also did not skip lunch.