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The Latest "Thanks" from People on Thnx4

Sreekutty's picture
My friend helped me to cover for my duty at hospital while I worked as an intern. It was the day of my engagement and it was all planned suddenly so that I couldn't arrange an alternative for that day. My friend agreed to cover for me eventhough she was so tired of her own work. The duty I gave her was so hectic and she never ever complained about that. I am so grateful for her. If she was not there to help me I could be in deep trouble. May God help her to keep her mind so tender and compassionate always. May all the good things happen to her. I feel so much gratitude for her kindness.
Yes.. I was able to enjoy my engagement because she took my duty that day.
Dianah1027's picture
Leaving home this morning... beautiful day. Talked with an friend about their weekend helping her brother do cleanup after the hurricane. The devastation in his area.
It reminded me how lucky I was, and our area was that we got hardly any bad effects from the hurricane... it skipped us.
Scout snuggles with me in the morning.