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The Latest "Thanks" from People on Thnx4

What are you grateful for?

Principessa e fantastica's picture
Principessa e fantastica
I received authorization to take my professional exam.
I feel happy I am getting what I have dreamed of.
Vigilance's picture
I am graduating from "fancy prestigious" school tomorrow.
I am certain I was because I have been lucky in life being born into a family that is not wealthy, but are incredibly hard working and makes so much sacrifice for their children. At the very least, I can have my parents there for my graduation and to give them something to brag about.
Ken Michal's picture
Ken Michal
Have a big 24 hour race coming up and just found out that the person who (on paper at least) would probably win is probably going to stop at 100 miles!
Since he has a goal of breaking the record of 100's run, he probably won't want to push to hard and race! If he did, I wouldn't be able to keep up! So far, it looks like the rest of the field would be happy to hit 100 too! I'm shooting for 115... Of course, anything can happen on race day and I'll make sure to be ready!