Welcome to Thnx4

Thnx4 is a shareable gratitude journal—and it's a scientific tool for understanding what happens when people say ‘thank you.'

Get Started Now!

1. Answer a few questions

First, we’ll ask you some questions for scientific purposes. Your confidential answers will also provide the basis for the feedback we’ll give you in 21 days.

2. Say Thnx!

Every two days for three weeks, you’ll be reminded by email to say thnx. You’ll be able to share the thnx through email, social media, and a public journal—or keep it private in your own journal.

3. What else can I do?

Every day we’ll ask you to check in about your day: Were you happy, sad, bored? This will help researchers understand the relationship of your mood to your gratitude.

4. Your Thnx4 Feedback

At the end of three weeks, we’ll ask more questions—and then we’ll give you feedback about how saying thnx affected your mental and physical health.

We do ask a lot of questions, but every one you answer improves your Thnx4 experience and adds to our pool of scientific knowledge about gratitude.

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