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The Latest "Thnx" from People on Thnx4

What are you grateful for?

Lio_nel's picture
Thanks to the weather ! Was a day and a little bit cloudy but warm enough for a healthy walk in the forest.
I enjoyed a lot that 3 hours' walk .... met people, dogs, and tasted the smells of all new essences and flavours
Eliana's picture
O Litos agradeceu-me a prendinha da experiência de escrever uma carta de gratidão que lhe ofereci no aniversário.
Senti contentamento e alegria. Senti-me, curiosamente, grata por saber que lhe toquei tanto o coração e por notar como um gesto meu teve um impacto tão grande nele.
Catapan's picture
After passing storms, I noticed that some fruit from the gooseberry bushes had been blown off, so I collected the fallen fruits, washed and prepared them and stewed them and ate them at breakfast.
These gooseberry bushes were grown by my late husband and came from his previous garden. They are finally flourishing here and I was so grateful to have this gift from him.