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The Latest "Thnx" from People on Thnx4

What are you grateful for?

Vigilance's picture
I have two job interviews coming up. I have a first round interview next week for an internal position and a last round interview for another job outside of my organization. I am so thankful to be selected and to have this opportunity to interview.
Even though nothing is set in stone yet, just knowing I have this opportunity makes me so hopeful and happy to be able to take a first step out of the bad work environment that I am in currently. There is light at the end of the tunnel!
margardenlady's picture
The soft light of the sun on new snow is beautiful
There is beauty all around us, if we only take the time to look
KC Collins's picture
KC Collins
I am thankful that my husband has stuck with me through over 20 years. He makes coffee every morning! And usually brings me a cup first thing in the morning too.
Nice to know someone is there for me even when I can be complicated.