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The Latest "Thnx" from People on Thnx4

What are you grateful for?

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The winter storms, ice and snow, forecast with doom, did not really happen.
As a result, my travel was not disrupted, driving conditions were safe and I didn’t have to dig out the driveway.
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The friend I was looking forward to meeting after quite a while - see earlier post - had to cancel with 24 hours notice.
How can this be a gratitude? Well, I’m grateful that he took the time to let me know. I’m also grateful that the tone of his message, which seemed abrupt, helped me to understand that he was not happy with the situation, that circumstances were out of his control. He had hoped to visit me. I can’t say his action made me smile! Nor did it make my whole day glorious! But it freed up an evening and I used the time well, in the circumstances.
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When I turned up at the climbing wall - see earlier post - a couple of people greeted me with welcoming smiles.
I was quite honoured by their attention and the fact that it showed they understand how I’m still struggling in my bereavement.