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The Latest "Thnx" from People on Thnx4

What are you grateful for?

buschsa524's picture
I found a nonprofit organization that can use my skills to help children fighting cancer.
It gave me a purpose for doing something that I enjoy but never really felt . . . useful. Now I can be even happier doing something that made me happy to start with. Its amazing to know I'm helping and how much better can that get?
Catapan's picture
Two friends, separately, rang to check on how I was doing, and one in particular gave me a very good piece of advice.
I felt supported and knew I had people who care about me. I was also,grateful for the advice, which made sense and it was something I probably wouldn’t have thought of myself
Catapan's picture
A colleague, also a friend, rang to talk to me about what I’m going through and was very caring and supportive.
It helped me to talk it all through again, to be able to cry about my upset knowing I could trust him. I had thought I was all cried out, but obviously not, so it helped to cry some more.