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The Latest "Thnx" from People on Thnx4

What are you grateful for?

Purplerain's picture
My exercise class which I finally got to go to this week. Weather had been too treacherous to go out till yesterday. Felt more invigorated after such a sluggish life the last 3 days. Amongst the class I felt I was taking care of my health and was encouraged to see how the others were also working at getting their bodies working.
I think next class I will write up a winner sticky note to the leaders. They are in need of encouragement as well.
mbspac96's picture
For vision to embrace wellbeing not just for myself but to encourage and support my own age cohort as well as those younger than me!
It invigorates me to look beyond myself so that one day, I will be the 80 yo helping another 80 yo when needed!
Gregorius Altius Pratama's picture
Gregorius Altius Pratama
I finished my lab works today
I just finished preparing my research samples today. Also, although my carelessness and clumsiness still prevail during the works, my senior still willing to guide me until the end line.