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The Latest "Thnx" from People on Thnx4

What are you grateful for?

Evilmiller's picture
I love cinnamon it makes bananas and oatmeal better.
It is my fave.
Andrew Heard's picture
Andrew Heard
I have been somewhat neglectful of this for some time now. I have an unpleasant cold at the moment. Not feeling so great... However I just had Clara (my gorgeous doggie) out for a walk and it is a sumptuous summer morning. It is the first time I have felt up to the task of taking her for a proper walk in a few days now. I am grateful for so much... My health is absolutely on the mend. The day is spectacular. Clara is a bright spot in my day, every day.
I am feeling much less hopeful than I was yesterday. The sun is shining! I took the attached picture a couple of weeks ago...
dee's picture
My little sis sent me a surprise floral bouquet today for my birthday!
Made me smile!!