Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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I Spent 10 weeks this summer tutoring Algebra 1 virtually. This former student is a hard worker and loves to learn, she is a joy to tutor even when there is nothing in it for me other than watching a student learn and grow. Zoom has made tutoring pro bono so easy.
I filled me up with happiness and made me feel even fonder for her and the time we spend virtually completing math lessons.
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I was asked to host a little yoga stretch at work tomorrow
It reminded me I’m doing a good job with my wellness
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I voted today. This is the 100th year anniversary of women achieving the right to vote and I am celebrating it by voting and wearing my Women's Vote t-shirt.
It reminded me of 72 year battle and the women who fought to give that right to me.
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Claudia Garcia
My Sangha sisters and brothers came to my rescue when I was feeling anguished a couple of nights. They did not physically show up, they just appeared in my thoughts and provided reassurance about letting go and accepting impermanence.
I thanked my Sangha at our last zoom meeting.
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On my walk this morning I felt my energy kick up and I saw myself in a positive light because of the music I was listening to.
It reminded me of the power of sound and music specifically to change one's mood.
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I helped out the procurement team when they were in need as buyers left & the management team moved items they had taken back to a few folks on the team.
It made me feel like a teammate to help her and the other buyers out. It also reassured me in my knowledge in the industry as she complimented my abilities & she is a very knowledgeable person within my industry.
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James the Scott
Today is the last day I will be kitten sitting for my friend. I have really bonded with her over the past week she has such an awesome personality!
I am grateful to have had her company even though it's come to an end. She has filled my heart all week and reminded me how important nurture is to my personality. I hope she comes to visit again!
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James the Scott
Rather than stay at home and write my journal and talk to my parents I decided to go for a walk and do those things while outside. This ment I got to see some cool nature that I wouldn't have seen otherwise!
I am so grateful that I can stack good habits and experiances together to amplify there individual effects, by being in nature when I called my parents I was able to share that experience with them :)
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James the Scott
I was woken up my the kitten I am looking after at 5.30 in the morning because she wanted to play and watch the sunrise together!
It reminded me to think see the good side of things even at 5.30 in the morning :)
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it's my mom and she's always there for me.
She reassures me and makes me feel better, she makes me feel I'm not alone.
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West Sacramento, CA: Cosmicmuffin made me wonderful Covid, nay, CORVID masks!
Thankful for these gifts and their reminder of the years interacting with those strange and wonderful creatures.
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West Sacramento, CA: After eight months now away from final place of employment for the last 28 years, received a friendly, light hearted text from a long time co-worker.
Though having learned self-acceptance many years ago, there's still a young person inside questioning if he's of value to others. Grateful for this confirmation.
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My wife is unloading the dishwasher happily.
I don't have to worry about it and can focus on my work.
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My daughter has been working on doing the dishes.
She is trying to do her part in keeping our busy household clean.
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My dentist gave me invisible braces
It will take some time, but my teeth will get straighter!
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Ariel and Eli prepared the Company's farewell celebration.
It was very pleasant to remember beautiful moments lived with all the good people of Barrancabermeja.
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I’m grateful that I could share my feelings about John Lewis’ funerals with my friend.
Shared political and spiritual beliefs.
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Claudia Garcia
My daughter thanked me for doing the dishes last night, even after having cooked (we typically do one of the 2 things when we have dinner together)
appreciated for something that has been the "normal" for many many years (while my kids were growing up), and which right now, with them being older and being back home due to the pandemic, is suddenly "seen" as somewhat special.
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James the Scott
I had been careless with my words, and made some flippant comments which i thought were funny but which the other person was hurt by.
My friend helped me to understand how my words came across and gave me a chance to explain what I really meant. I am grateful for the honesty of my friends.
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Solo me dijo, "Gracias por existir"!!!
Fabuloso gesto de esta persona totalmente desconocida
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they gave me feedback on my homework
it helped me to feel that i was being heard; that my work didn't exist in a vacuum or that nobody paid attention to it
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I am grateful I have motivation And drive
I am able to become my best self
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I found this website again.
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James has been our trainer for 3 months.
He has kept us in good physical health during the pandemic.
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I am able to work on the projects that I am interested in without disruptions.
I think that I am able to fulfil my potential.