Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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I received a phone call from a new prospect. I'm grateful for that call and the opportunity to be able to provide the service and to earn their trust and confidence.
This action, this person gave me a feeling of excitement. It also gives me an immediate goal and potential to earn money.
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oscar martin
tome el sol en la mañana
esto me hace sentir agradecido por la luz solar ya que trae muchos beneficios para la salud
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The identity alert email that I received to let me know my information is out there so I could do something about it
It reminded me that taking care of one's digital experience is important and powerful and another element of this complicated life we live today and the value of those who stay on top of it and assist us in taking care of ourselves is great.
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After a decade of daily meditation practice, with recent life upheavel stopped for almost two months.
Grateful to have taken the small step to beginning again.
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My boss organised a team meeting with a delicious lunch and reminded us to let him know if we need help or are feeling overwhelmed. He took the time afterwards to speak to me privately to remind me of his support.
It made me feel seen and reminded me why I love working for my organisation.
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He said we were friends!
I finally have found someone nearby that I genuinely enjoy and trust and would be willing to spend time with them.
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I was grateful to have woken up early enough to experience a very quiet morning walk with a sunrise.
“I love that this morning’s sunrise does not define itself by last night’s sunset.” – Steve Maraboli
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My wife was a very calming presence when my daughter was very hostile to me.
She helped me to stay calm when my daughter was saying very hurtful things to and about me.
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Explicar unos resultados a una persona y su papá
Ayudar siempre para mi es un placer. Estoy bendecido por poder hacer
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oscar martin
mi sobrino me hace sentir que le importo mucho
cuando jugamos y cuando estamos compartiendo cualquier momento siento que me quiere y eso me hace sentir muy feliz
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Hermoso dia soleado. Rico clima y temperatura.
Con ganas de disfrutarlo más.
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Di mis aportes y pensamientos, ayudé a analizar la situación, encontré discrepancias, di nuevas ideas, ayudé a tomar decision y a sentirse más segura de esta.
Bien. De ayuda, apreciada.
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It's my cousin's birthday today, but she is so close to me like a twin so it feels like half my birthday. I am so incredibly grateful to have her in my life, to feel that connection even when we are apart. Her presence in my life is a gift that I get every morning just like the sun rising even though I have done nothing to deserve it.
“When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love …” ~ Marcus Aurelius
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I just am so grateful to have the great friends I do in my life. Just had a lovely dinner and a movie with a few folks in the pod
It was fun and warm
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Revisar su estado de Salud y darle trámite correcto a sus solicitud
Siempre ayudar a los demás me hace sentir completo
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I've always been fiercely independent, and depending on others has been my 'what's worst that could happen'. This morning I suddenly woke up feeling grateful that I depend on so many people every single day - for food, energy, clothes, houses, work, etc. It made me realise that the only way I could be truly independent if I was the only person on the planet. So this dependence means both human connection and human ability to be smart by doing what you can do best and relying on others to do the same.
Deep human connection is ... the purpose and the result of a meaningful life - and it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity, and humanity. Melinda Gates
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oscar martin
hoy hace un año se murio mi mascota, una perrita con la que comparti muchos momentos felices, por eso agradezco por todo
me acompaño en momentos de soledad, de juego, me hacia sentir tranquilo, querido.
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The beautiful weather...that my family in Texas have weathered the weather well...that my 94 y.o. mother in Texas is just fine, thank you...
How luck I am
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Fui a pasear a cataratas Los Chorros, logré bajar y subir sin problemas. Agradezco la recomendación de llevar el palo de bambú para apoyarme, la compañia de Saúl para distraerme en la subida. Disfrutar de la naturaleza
Disfrutar de la naturaleza, llenarse de energía, salir de zona de confort. Motivación para despertar y mejorar.
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My friend sent a thank you card for their anniversary presents - we have our anniversaries on the same day exactly 10 years apart! We have had a WhatsApp thanks yous exchange already so it was a lovely surprise to get a physical card with a handwritten note.
Thank you - two little words with a meaning so grand it can turn a mountain of emotions into an ocean of beauty.
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Lucy gave me very thoughtful and personalized recommendations for a hike today. I was taking a friend and we had a few requirements and she knew exactly what to suggest and quite a few options.
I had a great hike with a friend with wonderful views of the river and beautiful trails. I had never visited this place before and it was quite a treat! Love to go back!
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I feel humbled to have been able to spend 4 days in nature. No people, no noise, no alarm clock, no to-do-list, no devices, nowhere to be, no-one to be accountable to......only to be present and show up in the now. It reminded me how difficult it is to be present in the present but I feel grateful that I am aware that I have a lot of work ahead of me before I truly am able to be present in the now. The first step is the awareness.
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jackson lpl
The sweet smell of wintersweet flower reminded me a solid way to focus on my breath.
Focusing on breath is the key to meditation which benefit me a lot.
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I send my friend a surprise love message with a little handmade present for Valentine. Today I got a surprise jar full of handmade heart cookies :) So beautiful, sweet and precious - like our friendship itself.
A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together. As long as the friendship lives in the heart, true friends are never apart.
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oscar martin
me agradezco por levantarme temprano y hacer ejercicio
me senti bien y rendi mejor de lo que me esperaba