Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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My morning schedule was freed up and I made time to go to the beach to sit and meditate.
It reminded me that beautiful and restorative things are happening all around me and not on my technology.
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I am grateful for my husband who wanted to at the end of a busy day, carve out 30 minutes to go get a drink with me so that he could spend time with me. Not the most fancy date... but it is all that we could find in our crazy busy schedules. It meant a lot to me.
This made me feel as though I was very important to him, and that he valued his time with me.
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I woke up to a sunny sky. The birds are chirping.
It reminded me how lucky i am to be alive and healthy.
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My daughter drove myself and 3 grands to KC to go to Science City, She is a ROCK STAR
I had a great day
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I stayed homeina safe, warm house
It made me feel cared for.
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I have finally finished an article with my guiding teacher.
It is a big opportunity to spread what I believe!
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My boss let me leave early so that I could go and see my daughter do her Mexican Hat dance at school.
I got to spend some quality time with my daughter instead of being the mum who misses all the school events.
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She invited to her home to visit and bought me lovely things I like to eat.
It made me feel welcome and made it very pleasant for me to be in her home with her. I was able to wake up, read, work on my online course, do yoga, walk and enjoy myself today because everything I needed was here. We've had a great time together.
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Len is curious about me and he sees me. He asks me questions about my experiences, thoughts and emotions. He is gentle, calm and kind, perceptive and wise.
I feel seen, therefore I feel connected and I remember who I am and what makes me feel alive and connected.
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She always makes me feel like I have value, like I have worth.
She boosts my mood.
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Highlander grog coffee.
I love my moment with my coffee in the morning.
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I talked on the phone with my mom today. She helped me feel good about the decisions I have made.
I am grateful to have her to ease my worry and just to talk to.
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Driving into work just now, I drove under an electric wire that went across the street and on this wire was a cockatoo trying to balance. She kept almost falling because the wire was too thin for her claws and I laughed, watching her.
I laughed! On my way to work!
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A ticket agent helped my mom and aunt get visas for their trip to Australia.
I didn't even that visas were necessary for Australia. Showing up at the airport to check in and then being told at the last minute we needed them was stressful. Thankfully, the ticket agent was friendly, patient and helpful. He did the application for us online so we didn't have to worry about it and chance missing the flight. It was a huge relief.
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Currently my job is low stress right now.
It allows me to catch up on other things and allow me to think about improving myself rather than being too busy or stressed out from work.
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I was badly sick this weekend and appreciate to be in a warm house as it was snowing and freezing outside
It remind me how lucky i am to have a warm home and friends and family who care about my health
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The coworker of Friday trading and also the 2 coaches for their attention advises congratulations
I felt proud of me and can better meseare how great i can feel. I appreciate the encouragement help to boost my self confidence
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Got around to completing a presentation to give to coworkers about a workshop I went to.
It may help with my new job.
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This person said "I really do appreciate you getting the water filter"
I felt grateful and warm. It is nice to be appreciated for the things, even the little things we do.
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After dinner, it was still pretty hot, especially for Autumn. The children and I went to the Ocean baths and cooled off with a group of friends.
It reminded me how lucky I am in my new home. I have a great group of friends and so do my children.
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I'm not feeling completely well and I'm able to take a day off without negative consequence.
It'll give me a chance to rest, to read, to take a bike ride and see how my back fares.
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I'm grateful everyday for being able to have the time and leisure and opportunity to meditation and take care of myself and learn and grow. I'm grateful for he library
I get to become more and more capable to improve my life so I can help others. So I can be free of suffering
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A pleasant day spent with friends on a hike to Coal Canyon Falls - Table Mountain, Oroville, CA
The hike gave me a chance to enjoy the outdoors.
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I woke up and slowly got ready for my day, was able to meditate, have a cup of coffee, listen to podcast.
I am grateful I have a flexible schedule and job that I can have occasional mornings like this.
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A pleasant day spent with friends on a 5k heart walk