Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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I love cinnamon it makes bananas and oatmeal better.
It is my fave.
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Andrew Heard
I have been somewhat neglectful of this for some time now. I have an unpleasant cold at the moment. Not feeling so great... However I just had Clara (my gorgeous doggie) out for a walk and it is a sumptuous summer morning. It is the first time I have felt up to the task of taking her for a proper walk in a few days now. I am grateful for so much... My health is absolutely on the mend. The day is spectacular. Clara is a bright spot in my day, every day.
I am feeling much less hopeful than I was yesterday. The sun is shining! I took the attached picture a couple of weeks ago...
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My little sis sent me a surprise floral bouquet today for my birthday!
Made me smile!!
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M thanked me for calling and checking in.
Somewhat surprised. I felt they were really counting on me more than I knew.
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Writing from a plane just before takeoff, I’m feeling grateful for my life! Haha... I’m on my way to see my best life-long friends. So today I am grateful for their enduring friendships and the opportunity I have to go and see them.
I made progress on a program that I was working on for a long time.
It reminded me that I can do anything if I put in some effort
My friend understood what I meant even though I was quite vague about how I was feeling
It made me feel happy that he understands me
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So listened when I told him about some of my concerns about my bf.
This one friend is one of my best friends, almost family. He has been going through a lot. It was important for me to talk about some of my concerns about him and ask questions.
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Visiting my parents who I only get to see once in a while.
I feel fortunate to have them in my life and for having the means to travel and see one another.
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He thanked me for doing his laundry.
I took the moment to appreciate it even though I think it was just a habit to say it.
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My boss told me she wanted to hire me from a temp to hire contract.
This could be the start of my career.
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I am so thankful that work has slowed down a great deal now.
It gives me some time to think about and work on my wedding planning.
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Sending me a text with words of love, and a picture of some flowers from his morning walk.
This lifted my heart and brought a little morning sunshine into my being. I felt loved and appreciated. I felt like I mattered to someone, and thus connected.
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My life/romantic partner, as a 40th birthday gift, is sending me on a trip to see my life-long friends. She used money that was gifted to her to help pay for it.
Get to see my dearest friends. The kind that no matter how many years it's been, it's like no time has passed.
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I had spent a year at my current workplace and was able to go out for a drink at a local bar with my colleagues.
They all know I have Epilepsy as I openly discuss it but I am treated as an equal. I only stayed for a couple of drinks but this will not be seen by anyone as “not joining in”. They are all great friends and I’m so thankful for this.
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I feel grateful that I have lost 35 lbs since last year this time. I have found peace and security around food and alcohol. I have found maturity in the process. And, am THANKFUL for the progress and the fact that the lbs are coming off.
Happy to be alive and have hope that my weight and emotional issues are a work in progress and that I can find healing in this area.
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K cancelled the tickets because p was too sick to go to the concert.
This benefited me because I was too impatient to do it myself.
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My kids for making me laugh. Ended the weekend playing the card game "Pit", and laughed a lot. Afterward, the kids practiced their stylist skills on my hair, and had many laughs at my expense.
Haven't had that many good laughs for a quite a while -it was nice (:
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I have been making a lot of bad decisions lately.
I am thankful for my mistakes, for they remind me that I am imperfectly human.. a human with free will and a brain.. a brain to help me make better decisions.
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I have been eating on a very structured plan for the last 10 weeks and losing weight steadily. I slipped yesterday and ate off plan, and afterward (last night and today), I am feeling really sick. I am grateful for the reminder about why I need to avoid foods that are not healthy for me.
It reminded me of the beauty of staying the course.
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Grateful for a spontaneous time to have a family in our church over to our house... to get to know them and make friendships... So GRATEFUL for this time!
It reminded me how short life is, and how important it is to have people in our home. The work is a bit much, but so very worth it!
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I want to thank my life-long romantic partner and friend, Miranda, for encouraging me to pursue the things that are important to me. Lately, that has been giving me time and support to work through my MA degree, so I have a better chance of developing my career into more engaging and meaningful work. And I'm just grateful to have a loving partner to spend time with, bounce ideas off, co-parent, pursue goals for our family together, and so on.
Because of her, I have the time, support, encouragement, and motivation to keep going.
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I am able to learn things I never thought I would learn.
It reminded me how lucky I am to live now, in this present.
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I am thankful for the bright sunny day. I am also thankful for the fact that I woke up fairly early today (7 AM.)
I felt nice going for a walk in the park this morning. Hope you have a good day!
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I have to say, I feel grateful for computers and network technology. They have their dark sides to be sure, but I'm fascinated with the technology, and I use them to learn, discover, create, and to communicate with friends and family. I'm also grateful that I'm fortunate enough to have one, and the electricity and cables to make it happen! But the fact that I can just push a button and be instantly connected to loved ones, a good read, and learning opportunities is amazing.
Computers have facilitated a lot of my discovery and learning about the world, and have helped me to stay in touch with the most important people in m life.