Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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Thankful for the doctor's experience and patience she had with me during my procedure.
I went into the procedure feeling super nervous, but the doctor and her medical team were excellent in taking care of me.
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I feel grateful for my grandma because she is extremely helpful. I called her and told her that I was sick and she gave me many homemade remedies such as types of teas, camphor water, types of pills to take etc. She told me many different things for me to try so that I could feel better.
My grandma's actions benefited me by helping me get better faster. Additionally, she helped increase my knowledge on homemade remedies.
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Nick Camp
My mom brought me home mexican food yesterday and it was really good.
This filled my belly and made me happy because I haven't had mexican food in a while.
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tony y
my bf spent some time with me when i was feeling down
it really brightened my mood for the time, and i got know him more personally, which was refreshing.
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My friend Matt called me when I was feeling depressed.
He helped me feel alot better
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I felt grateful for my brother because I called him earlier to tell him that I was scared because I was hearing things and he quickly came to my house and also brung me food.
This made me feel like my brothers would always be there for me and like I'm loved.
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He bought me food when I was hungry.
His actions benefited me because I was hungry and he decided to buy me food so I would not be hungry anymore.
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My niece was missing money to buy a toy so I gave her the missing money she needed.
I just felt nice.
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Ayudar a mi tio con la curación de su diente, espero que mejore su dolor de cabeza.
Ayudar a la familia siempre es un placer, al fin de cuentas siempre estarán ahí para apoyarte, por lo menos eso siempre se dice... mi tío siempre ha apoyado a mi papá, así que ahora nos corresponde apoyarle
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I’m thankful for my bf family. Today was perfect :) waffle and brown Norwegian cheese ❤️
It made my day
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Me and my sister has Geometry together I noticed she wasn't in the class so I reminded her and she thanked me.
I fell grate because we had two days with out speaking to each other and now we are talking again.
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The counselor at my kids schools changed their schedules around so that I didn't have to make extra trips to and from!
This makes my next 2 months so much easier and worry free!
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My parents are always so supportive and loving
I feel supported in raising my kids as a single parent, my son isnt feeling well and my parents are helping me stay positive
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I'm grateful that my concussion symptoms have gotten better. I used to feel bad most days, and now bad days are rare.
It makes me appreciate feeling good and knowing that you can get better.
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My friend Carolyn, who is a superb seamstress, sent us new masks for the Autumn season. They are beautiful and super functional! So happy!
I don’t have to order fancy masks!
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Nick Camp
I had to go back and fix a person's order at work
I felt happy that I could help him.
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Nick Camp
My girlfriend's dad paid me for helping him install lights in his new house and dig holes for flowers when I was going to do it for free.
It gave me extra money that went straight into savings
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I feel thankful for having the opportunities to come with new ideas and feel secure around myself
It made me see that there are always options out there. I just need to think about the possibilities
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I am grateful for my friend Mya she helped me do work
She helped me not stress on work
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I am grateful for my mom because I'm sick and she makes sure to make me tea and give me the attention that someone that's sick needs.
This made me realize the importance of family and it's also helping me get better.
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Recibir la bendición de mis hijos en la mañana
Me sentí muy bien y protejido, son unos angeles mis dos hijos
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I am really grateful for my body; my ability to move .
It benefits my health and overall wellness
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Mi padre no me ha dejado solo en esta etapa difícil de mi vida laboral, hasta en horas en las que debe estar dormido, me acompaña
Que esté conmigo me hace sentir segur, tranquilo y en paz, ya que esta gente está de manera ilegal en mi contra. Sabe que mi padre etá ahí es un caldito de pollo para mi alma
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West Sacramento, CA, USA: After over nine months now away from my place of employment over the past 28 years, I am grateful, surprised and humbled to have received a card from my erstwhile coworkers with inscribed expressions of thanks and feelings of missing me.
I'm so grateful for these who had made my work life so easy and that they sent loving thoughts my way!
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I talked to my mom on the phone today. I try to make sure I call her every day. She's 80 and is still totally independent (she has more energy than some people half her age!), but I just love and appreciate her more and more all the time. Since my dad passed away last year, she has amazed me with her resilience. She has such a positive outlook, and takes great care of herself (she exercises every morning) -- she's my "hero" and role model. I love and appreciate that she's my mom.
Having a mom like mine benefits me because she makes my life richer by being part of it. We support each other emotionally -- I'm there for her when she needs me, and she's there for me when I need her.