Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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My mum treated me to lunch out by the water.
This was such a nice time to talk, reflect, relax.
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A friend posted a link to 6 Daily Questions to Ask Yourself in Quarantine.
It reminded me to practice gratitude and that it's okay that I feel out of sorts because the world is in a strange place right now.
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She listened with patience as I shared that I was having a rough day.
She reminded me the power of presence and acceptance and teaches me to be more accepting of all of myself.
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My 2 best friends stopped by with masks that fit great, and a hanging planter.
Now I can wear the masks comfortably. And enjoy the flowers on my balcony. Plus it was good to see them during this time of isolation.
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I've been reading light fiction to escape the problems in the world.
It allowed me to escape.
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My friend gave me three books during this quarantine (and I was not expecting it at ALL, because we are not very very very close).
This made me feel loved, because I know that this friend is worried with me spending the quarantine alone, so he wants to help.
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I still have a job
I still feel like I am needed and contributing to society.
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My mother made me soup and dropped it off for me to have for lunch on a rainy day.
This made me feel loved, looked after, warm and full.
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A councellor told me some hard truths.
After experiencing mental health issues for many year, receiving therapy for several years, this person suggested I was not unwell, and did have the tools to deal with come what may. It was hard to hear, but have me something to think about.
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Our manager provided Gatorade during the HOT days as we run in and out
Keeps me and other hydrated!
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To still be working during this Pandemic
Keeps my family cared for and the bills paid
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My mom bought lunch with a snack for me before she went to work
I got to eat something other than instant noodles and the food tasted better than usual
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James the Scott
Today I got the opportunity to do a workout with a good friend.
I was so grateful to have someone to help keep each other accountable to our fitness goals!
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Juha Light
The group chat brings me to the final conclusion.
I should refine my network to improve the relationship. Feeling grateful as it occurs soon
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Watching my garden grow
How important farmers are
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help lady at food lion
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After a rough night sleep, I woke up in my warm home and made myself a delicious cup of coffee that I drank in the sun
It reminded me of how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, food at my disposal, and the luxury of time to enjoy it.
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Maestra Catalina
I much enjoyed a breakfast of peanut butter toast, sweet, sliced orange, and a cup of black coffee
The smells and tastes helped me feel happy and content
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Maestra Catalina
Owned their own "stuff" and gave me a hug after a spat
I was able to move back into safe & social mode, and move forward with my day feeling much more positive and capable
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Glad to have made note of this man's Ted Talk years ago and just today viewed it again. The countenances of people he videoed presented towards the end touched me. Gratitude - Louie Schwatrzberg
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I prepared a folder for my boss because of an appointment he had a day later. He thanked me for doing it.
I was surprised because he thanked me. I thought: Ok, this was my job preparing that folder with information; it is no big deal. But he appreciated it. And he noticed the work behind the preparing.
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A few friends came over for a small cookout and brought a couple of dishes over.
We had fun together and I didn't have to make a full meal.
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I felt so low on the weekend that I reached out for help from the American Red Cross to cope with the isolation. I completed their online course on coping in this pandemic.
It gave me strategies for staying connected with friends and family.
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I received an e-mail to check in to my journal.
The journal nudges me to look deeper, beyond the weariness of a restless night, to see and feel the good - the privilege not earned but freely given. I am grateful
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My cat is always makes me laugh when ever i am annoyed or upset
he makes me very joyful and happy