Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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James Rice
I asked a gentleman at the gym for a spot he then asked me for one on his set. we thanked each other and went about our day.
when he thanked me I felt good. It is nice to know that there is a sense of community.
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i took the day off from work
it gave me some time to myself
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i discovered a good mexican restaurant that a makes a delicious mole sauce
i enjoy new food experiences and have not eate mole often
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complimented me on a article of clothing
made feel lilked, seen and more connected
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At work last night thanked me for being so positive when everything around me clearly was a mess.
This brought me joy because in the inside i was also a mess but the guest couldn't see that so it made their experience enjoyable.
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My little sister made me laugh today when I had a tough morning.
This made my morning happier since I was feeling kind of irritated.
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My boyfriends mom got me a blanket with my dogs face on it so I feel close to home.
This made me feel close to home.
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My doctor prescribed me anti-anxiety medication.
This will help me worry less and be less stressed out during my last semester of college!
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I picked up my friend from the airport
I'm glad that I could help her and she didn't have to get an uber
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I enjoy my work, a lot actually- writing is more fun than I thought it would be.
It reminded me once again how lucky this opportunity is to do work on something I genuinely enjoy.
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My dad took me to lunch to celebrate making deans list
I got to see my dad and enjoy lunch
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My wife sent me a care package why I am at work 4,000 miles away from home.
This made my whole day! Especially that she added a candy bar and kept half of it. She let my 3-year-old son have the other half which is something we do why I am at home.
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LeeAndra Matthews
Black hair is a very touchy topic but it's rooted under a lot of beliefs on its connection to your soul. Which is why my mommy taking the time to do my hair ( the process, wash, comb and braid) really uplifted my spirits.
It made me cry but I missed my mom and it helped me feel like I was home again.
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Who gave me limes from their lime tree.
I was able to make lime pickle which I really love.
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I am simply grateful for my husband, for going late last night to the pharmacy to get me the medicine I needed. The medicine could wait for another day, but he just put a jacket, left and quickly returned home. He cares so much, since I know him, and I am super grateful for that.
It helped me ease the physical discomfort I felt.
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Greatful for my home printer
that allows me to test print things before finalising pieces and therefore amend issues quicker. And motivating me to make more too
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I am grateful for Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson and her weekly vlog; she inspires in a caring vulnerable way that is wonderful!
Dr Susan shares her own experiences openly and honestly, helping me to focus staying on track with our BLE.
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My group chat lifted me up today when I was feeling down.
My two friends Nic and Jess don't have to be my friends, as we are in different countries, but they take time out of their days to make sure I'm feeling loved.
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LeeAndra Matthews
I was in need of comfort so my drove from CA to AZ to give me a hug. She even let me ride on the backseat of her motorcycle.
I cried a much needed cry. I don't know who I can count on more than my mommy.
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It allows me personal growth by being able to learn and listen to online lectures and podcasts.
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She came home when she had an anxiety attack.
I was less anxious from her being outside having the attack.
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I helped clean the dishes and the kitchen after my boyfriend cooked us dinner.
I felt good about it because it seemed as if he really needed help and it made both of our days better.
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We’re now accountability partners for the gym!
Most importantly, I now think I have a friend at the gym, which has been hard for me.
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James Rice
I took my mom out for lunch on her break from work.
I felt closer to her because we haven't been able to see each other since Christmas.
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James Rice
I stepped away from school work to clean the house and grocery shop for my fiance.
I felt appreciated in my relationship