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The Latest "Thnx" from People on Thnx4

What are you grateful for?

cosmicmuffin's picture
Last time I heard from my friend Arlene she was suffering so much from a leg injury that she didn't even want to communicate. Today, I got a totally unexpected phone call from her, all bright and talkative. After 40 minutes of lively chat I commented that she sounded much better, and she explained that the condition was much much better. Surgical intervention wasn't needed after all, just healing time.
The cheer in her voice reflected her relief and happiness straight into my life.
Zivio's picture
Extremely grateful that the icky and depressive thoughts regarding the current pandemic have recently lifted somewhat for me. Conditions haven't changed but there's more of a sense of peace.
Zivio's picture
Pleased to have been able to connect by phone with my erstwhile co-worker Denise today and get the company out of a jam with some of their ancient, unsupported software. Besides feeling good about saving them hours, if not days of frustration, I was surprised that hearing Denise's voice again brought tears of joy to my eyes.
This small human connection surprised me with its sweetness.