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Welcome to Thnx4!

Thnx4 is a gratitude journaling website that helps you Say Thnx for the goodness in your life.


How it works:

  • Click Get Started Now to create an account on Thnx4, then log in to set up your Thnx4 Gratitude Challenge or join a Group Thnx4 Gratitude Challenge.
  • When your Thnx4 Gratitude Challenge begins, you'll receive a series of friendly, informative nudges that invite you Say Thnx, which adds posts to your gratitude journal.
  • Throughout a Thnx4 Gratitude Challenge,  you'll be able to track activity as well as the impact of practicing gratitude on Thnx4.


Here for the Thnx4Nurses Gratitude Challenge? Click Get Started Now, then join Thnx4Nurses under My Group on your My Thnx4 page!

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