Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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Going to meditate with 2 really good friends this afternoon. Actually, they invited me, when they heard I was on-campus today!
Getting to sit with two old meditation partners (we founded a group on-campus), makes my day!
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Cleaned my new guitar case from the scuff marks it had, seemingly deeply embedded. Now they are almost gone!
It was a very nice surprise. Now it looks like an almost new case, reflecting the condition of the guitar inside.
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My Science of Happiness MOOC from GGSC.
Learned a great deal.
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That I live in a safe and beautiful community in a cosy apartment with kind neighbors.
I want this feeling of safety and contentment for everyone.
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We went to Maui for 4 days while our son was away with a school trip. Brad and I had a wonderful and relaxing time. We took the time to be with one another and we focused our attention on one another.
By having the time with Brad, we were able to reconnect and talk about what is happening in our lives. We were also able to recharge ourselves. We laughed a lot.
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I had the day off from work because I worked extra hours during the week. This gave me the opportunity to take care of details and responsibilities that were piling up on me without adding to my stress. It was a relaxing day and yet I got a lot done.
I was relaxed all day as I did my tasks. And now I'm even more relaxed because I am caught up. It is wonderful to the opportunity to do things at a calm pace.
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I helped someone out.
It felt good
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I cleaned their house (for pay) and was accommodating and aware of their needs
I felt incredibly grateful for their gratitude. She told me I was her favorite human for my help and for supporting her family.
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I waited patiently while a road crew worker allowed a car to pack it if their driveway. It seems very small, but he motioned the most sincere thanks with namaste hands and his sincere appreciation left me a smile on my face for a long time.
I felt a personal sense of accomplishment that my ability to not be impatient through a construction zone had such a huge impact on someone doing such a challenging and often unsafe job.
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I rushed home to make a yoga class, but my partner had a rough day. I felt like I should console her but she insisted that I go to yoga. The class was incredibly relaxing, and she didn't hold it against me!
I was able to de-stress after a rough week. Also physically my muscles have been tight; yoga was much needed!
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My dad came and visited me at school!
It's going to make my weekend great.
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A friend wants to join me at VegFest.
I enjoy attending festivals with friends so this brightened my day.
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ally cats
My co-worker gave me a McDonald's egg sandwich.
It helped me get through the morning. I didn't get a chance to eat breakfast that morning, so it was a pleasant surprise.
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I was able to have a peaceful morning.
Helps me to feel super charged for the rest of the day !
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sunny day
Sunshine helps a cheerful mood!
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Today is my 44th birtday. I was feeling kind of sad. Yet, my co-workers have made it a really special day for me. I feel blessed and loved.
I feel inspired and loved
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Randall E. Collins
My brother and sister came to visit our mother who is in the hospital.
It made my mother feel better to see them while recovering.
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I used my spiky exercise ball to work out a sore spot in my hip/back.
Less pain and I did it while driving to work.
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I've come to realize that I lack sincerity in the way that I tend to keep things that bother me to myself. Yesterday I had the opportunity to be true towards a special someone.
While this made me look a little vulnerable, it made me feel relieved and thankful for being able to speak things as they are.
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I am about to retire a few years early and I am thankful that I've made so many right decisions along the way.
I have sufficient funds so I don't need to work and I can spend time caring for my two amazing parents who have taken care of me with such love over the past 62 years.
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Lately everyone has been very kind to me. Specially my family, I have received quite a lot of gifts these past few months. I have traveled, received money, a laptop, a pair of shoes, a lotion, clothes and a very neat blanket.
While I don't usually give lots of importance towards the material, I did not ask for most of these things. They were given to me out of pure generosity, and that really makes me feel appreciated and loved.
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I was able to be there for my daughter when she needed to talk!
My daughter has given me so much joy!
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I reworked a document to apply behavior change science and alignment with our coaching model.
I felt pride and a little embarassed
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Our family pulled funds together to help my husband and I come home and spend Christmas with everyone. We live in CO and my family lives in a small town in NC.
We don't get to spend a lot of time with my family since they live halfway across the country. Now we're going to get to spend 5 days! It's such a bummer to feel like you're missing out on family time over the holidays, now we all get to be together. This is going to be the best Christmas we've had in a long time.
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I helped a colleague complete a task ahead of time.
I felt great that I was able to help someone who works really hard and does great work.