Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

Jim R Feliciano's picture
Jim R Feliciano
My wife and I signed the papers to create a living trust of our assets.
Now we do not have to worry about what will happen if we die. Our son will inherit our assets without having to go through probate. This is a great relief.
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Our school trip visited a McDonalds for breakfast after an overnight bus trip and the manager came out at the end and thank us for coming in. She also sought feedback as to how everything went.
I was surprised and felt a lightening of spirit. Their gratefulness was unexpectedness and made me smile.
mrsharrishere's picture
I feel grateful for my phone.
I continue to stay connected to the lovely moms that know what I go through as a mom.
Cindy379's picture
I'm grateful for being able to visit my family over the summer.
I was able to see my father one more time before he passed away.
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I met a lovely young person through work and her positivity on traumatic life experiences
It made me realise how lucky I am and that I have a family to live for and love.
Madiha's picture
i ate zinger burger when i wanted to eat something delicious
it elevated my mood because of good taste and an opportunity to eat something good when i wanted to
kauisyndrome's picture
Thankful for the rainy, chilly weather and the beautiful fall colors.
Makes me appreciate sunny warm days even more. Also reminds me the weather here is much more mild than where I used to live.
H492720's picture
Supportive words and sharing similar experiences/feelings
Didn't feel alone or helpless
grace4's picture
Waking up to sounds of birds chirping
Gave me hope for a good day
shelleype's picture
I had yesterday morning off
It allowed me to feel like I was on vacation for 4.5 hours
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sara kupor
For teaching two new students this week
It reminded me how much joy I get from my tutoring
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Jim R Feliciano
A bus pulled up to a stop. I was across the street waiting for the light to change. I waved to the driver. The bus could have legally gone through the intersection but the driver waited. When the light changed I scurried across the street and boarded the bus. We waited for the light to change and proceeded legally.
I did not have to wait for the next bus. I did not have to walk home. I got home quickly. I thanked the driver a couple of times and thanked the driver when I left the bus.
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I stayed late after a meeting to wait for someone to pick up something they forgot (teen programming)
I felt appreciated and happy that I was helping
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I was riding my bike today and passed over the highway and saw a graffiti flower painted on the side of the overpass so I went to go take a photo. There was a homeless man standing nearby and I started talking to him...apparently he had done the flower to cover up some more vile graffiti and got a ticket for it. He told me that the judge told him he needed permission to draw on city property but he said he was going to finish it anyway. I don't know if his story was true, but I appreciated his story and the animation with which he shared it. I also am grateful for the chance to connect with this man and share in the common bond of our humanity.
I got to see that the human spirit endures even in hardship.
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Barista's at Starbucks helped celebrate my birthday!
I felt really special
AlyssaNicole's picture
She told me that I am a great student and will always try my best even if I may not receive the grade that I believe I deserve
This action helped me recognize that I need to be more compassionate toward myself because I will push myself too far beyond what is expected of me, and it is detrimental to my levels of happiness
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I feel great fun l that I am surrounded by beauty , both in the people but also my surroundings. Morning walk with dog made me alive and then morning connect with my wife also made me realize how lucky I am.
Made me have sense of contentment and purpose
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Just grateful for lunch and a walk during the work day with a like-minded friend--and her dog!
LIfted my spirits.
knappjess's picture
They encouraged me.
It made me look at what I'm doing well rather than what I feel I'm struggling at.
darryl's picture
I got to reconnect with old coworkers and colleagues yesterday!
It reminded me how lucky I am to have had those past work experiences.
SethRevels's picture
My friend helped me pick out dinner
I was able to find some great food for my family
kauisyndrome's picture
P thanked me for smoothing things over with Kendra.
He made me feel appreciated and valued b/c he noticed my efforts.
agenochio's picture
My daughters, woke up this morning without my having to wake them up. They had already pulled out their clothes the night before and went to bed on time. Upon waking up, they told me that they were proud of me and that they know I've been working hard for them.
This made me reflect and appreciate what steps I take to ensure that my daughters are to grow up to be a "stand up" pair. It brightened my rather hard to wake up morning.
LisaN's picture
This morning I got to look at my sleeping son who had fallen back asleep next to the heating vent. I got to smooch his sweet little face before leaving and watch his eyes flutter open. "Have a good day, momma."
I felt love and loved.
aarbour's picture
We have become close friends as she deals with very serious health issues. She thanked me for my friendship.
Special and grateful. She means the world to me. Bringing her joy brings me joy.