Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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My cousin shares words of encouragement via text EVERY morning. It is a wonderful way to stay connected and to start the day.
I look forward to starting my day on a positive note. And, in turn, I share these words of inspiration and encouragement with nine others.
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The sunrise this morning took my breath away, the air was still and crisp - a perfect morning
What a lovely moment to enjoy. A wonderful way to start the day!
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I am thankful everyday that my hubby brings me coffee in the morning to start my day!
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So thankful
I am grateful to participants in Monday QiGong practice for showing up and sharing the practice with me every week.
Regular group practice facilitates my physical health and general well being.
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I went to acupuncture last night and felt relaxed.
I realize how lucky I am to receive care from a community clinic that makes this treatment affordable to everyone.
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I am able to go to the grocery store and purchase food that supports my health.
It reminded me that not all people have this luxury.
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I feel grateful for my rescue dog every day. She's so happy and she makes me smile a lot.
Her happiness makes me happy.
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Even though I wasn't feeling well and was having a grumpy morning, my husband made me a breakfast burrito, a coffee to go, and told me I looked beautiful.
My morning felt less difficult and I felt loved.
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Jim R Feliciano
My wife took two days off from work so she could make sure all the procedures were accomplished to acquire our new used car.
After our car was totaled by a collision with a deer. My wife found the new used car and made all the arrangements to acquire the car. We now have a car with all the modern bells and whistles she wants.
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He snuggled my doggie and gave her bacon treats.
This brought up happiness and tender feelings for me, making my troubles seem less important.
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A group of AMAZING women and I went out into the community of San Diego today to vaccinate some of our city's homeless population with the Hepatitis A vaccine. It was truly inspiring to see! The individuals that we were supporting were extremely grateful for our attention and took advantage of asking questions of our nurses that come from various disciplines. Each person volunteering their time gave in their own unique way - we had one non-nurse leader out circulating among the crowd to encourage people to take advantage of this service, while one nurse that is bilingual circulated among the Spanish speaking, and one nurse leader became the token baby sitter, while moms got their vaccine. My cup run over - I was and am truly grateful to work for Kaiser Permanente!
The contributions of many made the work less taxing and far more rewarding and inspiring. It truly started my week off right!
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Ruth Kelly
Held the door for me
Made my life easier
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Billy Mumphrey
I helped out a person in need
I felt appreciated and good about myself being equipped to really help out and make a difference.
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Despite uncertainty, yesterday I handled a situation that some time ago would have really troubled me. The person that was going to help me with the last details of a project couldn't come with me, and pretty much nobody else could lend a hand.
But that obstacle actually served for the best, since I got to spend the evening with a friend (who helped me) that I have not seen in quite a while. Whole experience made me feel grateful for being a little more serene that before.
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My coworkers surprised me with a flower delivery to say great job on my show and they feel lucky to have me as part of our department
The flowers brighten my day and the kind words gave me a sense of joy, pride, and humility. Being appreciated and acknowledged lifts my confidence and morale.
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Dang B EA
My husband brought me my favorite chicken dish.
We had dinner together.
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Supporting Special Olympics
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John treated us to a Monday night dinner at BJ's! Even better, both Mark and Jack ate and were well-behaved!
My heart was full of love at the dinner table and I did not have to cook or do dishes! :)
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Two colleagues joined the morning meditation.
Creating a group meditation benefits us all.
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My co-workers wrote 40 things they appreciate about me for my birthday.
It reminded me of how many people our lives intertwine with, how our interactions affect each other, and the importance of living out what we value.
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That my workshop went much smoother today, and on top of that, someone took it seriously enough to seek me out afterwards to ask me a question.
It made me feel like the hard work and time I put into the workshop was worth it, and that there are people who care about the topic.
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Cynthia Tanajura
I went in a classroom and many studants came to hug me. They are 8 or 9 years old so they are very honest with their feelings and I felt really grateful for their hugs.
it reminded me how important is my work in Social emotional learning for these kids and for me.
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Another educator on Twitter has long been an inspiration to me but recently we have had the opportunity to speak and potentially work together. Her validation of my approach to education and interest in our work is something I'm truly grateful for.
In addition to adding to my collective resources to push for positive change, her validation of our work will continue to motivate our team and myself personally.
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Mary Keffer
I was thankful that the headache medicine helped.
I didn't have to miss an entire day due to a headache.
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I am grateful to everyone on the SHS campus who has helped turn my children into what they are today.