Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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My Bestie's birthday is today. Not only is she my Bestie but she's a great Boss and colleague. We work for an awesome "Thriving" company and it's so wonderful to have our work environment enhanced by great relationships. I hope this is the best birthday ever for her and that she enjoys many more to come.
We always have fun but especially on special occasions.
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Got a temp job, grateful for the high energy, interesting work.
I am not super materialistic, happy with a simple life. But obviously need money for basic needs, so the income from the job what I'm thankful for. That and I'm inspired to set short term career goals.
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my son is sick and we are able to take him to a doctor with good hospitality and care for him.
It keeps my child healthy, or prevents further sickness.
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I took a turn to cook dinner last night because my wife had a long and trying day at work.
I felt closer to her and was happy for her to have had an easy evening.
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Alyssa brought our office donuts this morning. They were an unexpected and delicious treat!
Made the morning brighter!
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Most nights my son and I take our dogs on a walk around the neighborhood. Last night, after a particularly frustrating day, we set out. Once outside, I felt the strain lift as I focused on breathing deeply and listening to him recount his day.
It reminded me not to sweat the small stuff and to appreciate what I have. More importantly, I felt incredibly grateful to be able to spend time with my son!
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Ania nos ayudo a promover nuestro trabajo!
A vender mas y crecer mas rapido!
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Ben Broder
Numerous colleagues show dedication to improving patient care every day
Helps me do my work more effectively
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He grabbed the stuff I left at home and took it to work with him.
I was able to go about my day without feeling bad about leaving my items!
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I love my bed! I'm so thankful for a comfortable, safe and serene nights sleep
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my mom bought me a game late at night.
this made feel entertained while playing the game.
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Thank you for wonderful co-workers, fulfilling job and caring family.
Life is wonderful.
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I went to the store and all of my favorite Christmas things were out! I love this time of year. It makes me happy and it makes me grateful for my friends and family, and the fact that we can all celebrate together.
It reminds me of how lucky I am to have some an amazing husband, beautiful children and wonderful family and friends.
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Finally obtaining storage for my classroom and furniture specifically designed for the type of use, has made me feel valued as an educator.
It allows the room to be clean and organized, allowing students to find what they need easily.
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I am grateful about the job I have , as a physician helping people, very nice work schedule , working in best place with best people and group at Kaiser , Love it , I went to gym this morning before coming to work and I did 40 minutes cardio then got home take shower and now at work , , oh man it feels great !
Life is beautiful
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My Dad is in surgery to remove a mass in his pancreas. We just heard the wonderful news that the tumor has not spread and it was benign.
So thankful for the surgeon’s hands! We get to enjoy our father longer!
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So thankful
I massaged her shoulders.
I felt appreciated and close.
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My mother understands me. She both accepts me as I am as well as encourages me to be my best self.
I felt more calm and center
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My sister checked in on me before she left for work
I knew that my sister was trying to greet my day. I am not a morning person and can be grumpy, yet she was there to say good morning and to check in. I felt cared about
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Sarah Nicholson
Today I do not feel 100% healthy, therefore it has made me grateful for the majority of days I experience where I do feel 100% healthy.
It helps me be grateful for the true gift health is in my life, and how easy it is to take for granted.
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I read a person who had a strong influence on my life, who is now aging and sick ,a letter of gratitude in from of them.
I knew that they would be grateful. But it still felt good to hear how they felt and that it boosted their strength in the face of their ill-health.
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My cousin shares words of encouragement via text EVERY morning. It is a wonderful way to stay connected and to start the day.
I look forward to starting my day on a positive note. And, in turn, I share these words of inspiration and encouragement with nine others.
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The sunrise this morning took my breath away, the air was still and crisp - a perfect morning
What a lovely moment to enjoy. A wonderful way to start the day!
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I am thankful everyday that my hubby brings me coffee in the morning to start my day!
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So thankful
I am grateful to participants in Monday QiGong practice for showing up and sharing the practice with me every week.
Regular group practice facilitates my physical health and general well being.