Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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Our family pulled funds together to help my husband and I come home and spend Christmas with everyone. We live in CO and my family lives in a small town in NC.
We don't get to spend a lot of time with my family since they live halfway across the country. Now we're going to get to spend 5 days! It's such a bummer to feel like you're missing out on family time over the holidays, now we all get to be together. This is going to be the best Christmas we've had in a long time.
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I helped a colleague complete a task ahead of time.
I felt great that I was able to help someone who works really hard and does great work.
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Scarlet Francisca Işgüder
To be able to attend a makeup Turkish language lesson today.
The teacher was so patient to go through the parts I found difficult to comprehend.
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Scarlet Francisca Işgüder
A friend of my sister’s reached out to my sister and myself to invite us for lunch to celebrate my pregnancy and tell me how happy she really is for me.
It feels amazing to attract positive people into my life and share my joy!
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Shop assistant insisted on putting back the unwanted clothes I tried on.
This made my shopping experience a little more special and made my body feel relaxed from not carrying things.
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Jim helped me get connected to one of our servers so I could make necessary changes for our users. He did so cheerfully and quickly. Really, really appreciated his help because without it I could not have helped our users.
This made it possible for me to help my users in a timely fashion so they could perform their jobs, without losing any time.
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At the end of my basketball practice last night, I looked at all of my players and realized that, for the most part, I had had that group together since kindergarten. And I realized how lucky I have been to watch them grow up on and off of the court and become the young men that they are.
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I am thankful for my coworkers, who were joking with each other and making our office a fun place to work. It's too easy to pass through the daily routine without acknowledging each other and forming connections.
We were able to have fun with each other and laugh.
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Yesterday evening, I had my pilates class.
I am so grateful to be healthy and to be able to enjoy sports!
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I mentored and helped a Uni student get a job with Microsoft 2 years ago. Today I received a moving TY note from him because his career is going well.
I felt that my work truly matters as a coach and mentor therefore I felt like I had a positive impact on a young person's life.
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I came to know today that my friend's brother in law has passed away with heart attack at a young age. Which make me realize I am very grateful for being alive. And I am also thankful for the time I got to live in this Beautiful Country. I am grateful for my thoughts and skills.
I should remember that things could always be much worse and that I am better off than most people on the planet.
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I am grateful I have my sister who is there for me. She is there when I am weak or sick or vulnerable. I can rely on her in the times of stress.
She cared for me today when I got sick with a terrible cold and I felt loved
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I sent a card to a colleague at home.
I felt good that he appreciated a small gesture enough to say something to me about it.
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I'm grateful for God, who is Love.
Wherever I look I see something that Love has made possible and this Love is unconditional, regardless of how grateful or ungrateful I am. It just keeps flowing.
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Able to take my neighbor out on his 69th birthday. Happy Birthday Terry!
Great to see him smile and out and about. He was able to walk around the neighborhood in parts he hasn't seen in a long time.
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I am thankful for the privilege of being healthy and don't want to take that for granted.
It reminded me how lucky I am to not have physical limitations or ailments.
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I passed through a beautiful park early in the morning on my way to work. And took some pictures of the beautiful scenery.
I appreciate that I have this opportunity on my way to work and that I took time to experience it.
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I had a blast with my sorority sister today. Grateful for simply being able to share life with her. She's amazing.
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Provided them with actual usable feedback in a day to day manner and unknowingly influenced them to pay that forward.
I do feel closer to him and feel honored that he looks forward to conversations with me.
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Helped my coworker solve a problem with an api not working
Glad to have helped her because she had been stuck on it for so long :-)
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Kootenai Sue
Amber is always there to support me with tech issues and never makes me feel inadequate.
It makes me always willing to try new tech experiences.
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My coworker helped me with a work questions and also gave me cough drops out of her supply
This made me more confident at work and I coughed less.
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My coworkers provided unsolicited feedback on how they see my skills and contributions to the team as beneficial.
It reminded me that others don't see me the way I see me and yet again, I am very hard on myself. It also reminded me of how much I appreciate people who share from their heart.
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I could see a friend and we went to eat sushi in Santiago
There has been a long time since the last time I have seen this friends. He has been very kind with me in the past, so I miss him
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I am able to go to work to today.
I will not be thrown out of the middle class.