Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

Heather's picture
This was the best weekend! Lots of wonderful surprises and friends, friends, friends...surprise visits from 2 sets of out-of-town friends, plus dinner at a new restaurant, and a ladies lunch.
I feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends
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Cathy Hartt
I am grateful for my blooming Thanksgiving cactus.
Blooms remind me of spring. My favorite hobby is gardening. It's an indoor sport in the winter.
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Mousy Brown
My son made me a hot mug of tea after a long day at work and let me sit and relax...
This made me feel loved and looked after and was just what I needed.
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Working with people who bring the best out in me.
It reminded me how fortunate I am to work in a supportive community.
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I had my first leadership training session today.
It made me appreciate the faith my managers have in me to put me onto this course at such an early stage in my career.
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Tori Cox
My mom is helping me watch the kids so I can keep up with work requirements.
I was allowed to not hire a babysitter and my kids get to spend time with their maw maw.
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Not sure who brought the donuts, but I enjoyed them this morning
I wasn't able to tell the person who brought donuts in thank you but I had breakfast because of them!
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I had a mammogram and found out I don't have cancer
It took away a lot of worry
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My husband saw that one of my favorite bands was in town and randomly bought us tickets to the show which sold out quickly afterward.
It made me realize that he cares about my interests enough to surprise me and proved that he also listens to all the things I randomly ramble about. Plus, we had a blast at the show.
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A random passer-by complimented my jacket.
It always feels nice to receive a compliment. People are never obligated to randomly say nice things but it's pleasant when they do.
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I have a cold and my coworker gave me Echinacea tea and cough drops. Very thoughtful.
It made me feel like she cared that I wasn't feeling well.
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Many years ago a person spoke to me while I was working at a cafe in high school. I was telling him about addiction to the internet at the time.
I ended up going home and snapping my modem in half. Nowadays my internet addiction is near to non existent and prefer real life experiences and interactions. Thank you!
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Let me sleep in a little and made my favorite coffee - kona
I enjoy coffee and when my husband makes it in the morning, it really makes my day.
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My cousin met me for dinner 2 days ago, and listened to me talk at length about a person I have just started dating. That’s a real friend.
She made me feel less alone. I have been feeling very lonely in the close friend department lately.
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I was on the deck doing morning yoga and could hear the birds, feel the breeze and see our beautiful red maple glowing.
It reminded me how lucky I am to be in this house and have all this space surrounding me.
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My friend gave me a pep talk because I have been more stressed than normal and he outlined all of my accomplishments to help me realize this.
This helped me recognize that all of the work that I am doing right now is working to be something, and it may be stressful but it is all worth it in the end.
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I made a baby hat for a coworker.
I was very pleased to know she and the baby both liked the hat! And to see a picture <3 <3 <3
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Cathy Hartt
I am grateful that my team was so receptive to my email telling them about this challenge.
It makes me feel some bond with my team that I normally do not feel.
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I woke up today in a better mood than yesterday. Yesterday, I was not feeling as grateful that I should have. It has now been 5years since I first started with the agency I had dreamed of, and marks 11 years after my life was changed forever.
It reminded me that I walk a path of hardships, but with my endurance, faith in myself and remembering that I have been through far worse, it made me appreciate and feel grateful for myself.
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Ben Broder
I feel privileged to have a supportive and engaged family
It reminded me that not everyone is so lucky
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My son called and spent time catching up about his life and mine.
Knowing that you're a priority for another person and having someone who is willing to share and be open to hearing about my life is wonderful.
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I'm thankful that we didn't lose power last night in the storm and for the beautiful sunrise this morning.
The storm filled me with awe and reminded me of how dependent we are on nature and a huge web of relationships that transform what nature provides into our "creature comforts."
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I woke up this morning
It reminded me how special life was because I could have not woken up today or something could have been wrong with my health/body
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I feel grateful to have the life that I have - with love, beauty around me as well as the ability to pursue my own direction
It reminds me how far I have come in my evolution
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made a flyer