Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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My husband made me my usual cup of morning coffee even though he's not feeling well today.
I felt loved and cared for, AND I got to have a delicious cup of coffee. :-)
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I have an opportunity to play basketball for a league
It reminds me that people have confidence in me
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They complimented me and made my day better
They made me feel better about myself and made my day better.
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I had a rough past weekend and left my phone in an uber. Although the driver refused to give it back to me, my mom understood and got me a new one.
She helped me move past my mistake, and focus on the future.
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I saw wildlife on my commute this morning.
It reminded me that my choice to move away from the city was the right one. I am grateful to be closer to nature!
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Billy Mumphrey
I'm so lucky to have great and reliable transportation into work every day.
I do not have to worry and stress about finding a way to get to work in the morning.
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At the door to the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park, I was greeted warmly and sympathetically by a volunteer.
I felt welcome, acknowledged and free to explore a new venue.
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I was feeling ill, not sure what was happening & my HMO offers appts via the phone so I was able to talk to my Dr. the same day to discuss my situation. This resulted in a plan for my care.
I felt less afraid about my situation, more at ease & was reminded how fortunate I am to have good, accessible health care.
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a person in this blog: Kheiner wrote something that made an impact on me.
It made me think of my personal situation from a different and more hopeful point of view.
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Drove me to Zumba and picked me up last night
It meant I got to go to Zumba which lifted my mood and ensured I did some aerobic exercise
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I am grateful for living in this country. It is such a privilege to be living in the USA. I appreciate the road traffic sense, how safe it is for the pedestrians and the bikers. I appreciate the side walks. I am also thankful for the free libraries.
I am thankful for the time I have lived here. Its awesome.
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Sounds of Nature Rain at night
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They helped in times of hardship and helped me cope.
I felt wanted and loved.
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I held the door for the majority of the people in the school
It made my self esteem go up
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My friend was there for me
This made me feel better as a whole
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I actually wrote an essay that managed to reflect my ideas on an assigned subject at university.
I am sensing the capacity to move more freely within my self. Deep inner self 'wrote' the essay from the material the 'student' had provided. Grateful that the inner self is showing up and participating in this project of finding 'the words to say it'.
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Billy Mumphrey
I have a good job!
I was reminded of how others who work as hard or even harder at their jobs do not have such great benefits offered in their place of employment.
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My parents take care of my 7 month old son while I'm at work. My aunt, who lives with them, always texts me and gives me little updates about him.
Today, I really missed MJ (my son) and it was nice to hear what and how he's doing. If I get updates from her, I feel happy and elated that he's doing ok while I'm gone.
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My friends Kristine, Mike and Seneca offered (out of the blue) to come by and help make a Halloween haunted house. The ST family usually does a big Halloween installation but due to busyness, we were going to cancel this year. Now that we have some help - Halloween is rescued!
A little help from friends and some extra decorations - we can continue our great Halloween tradition.
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He is making me brunch.
He has showered me with mouth-watering aromas and delicious flavors...just because.
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A friend I've been on the outs with helped me tarp my leaking roof, despite the tensions between us. Still feel a little icky, but this at least reminds me that everything doesn't have to be perfect in relationships.
Kept me from getting wet and prevented damage to my house.
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That a volunteer group that could turn me down is instead letting me join. Compassion, empathy - they do exist still.
It reminded me that people will appreciate my worth.
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For having the opportunity to recognize the value of work on this day
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My boss helped me process an incident
My concern about the situation was lessened and I am able to move on with my day. Such a wonderful feeling.
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I have been able to travelbbyyo many beautiful places.
It made me feel connected.