Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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I am so thankful to my mom. If there is any 1 who deserves unconditional love from me, it is her. She remembers stuff I need and gets them to me. She has suffered a great deal in life, but that doesn't stop her from being kind and loving. She is trying to learn English and today, I pledge that I will help her learn the language.
If it wasn't for my mom's love and care, I don't know what I would have become.
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Sunny and Bright
No one thing on particular. But I am grateful for the fact that even though she is 26, she is always worried about us, and she always makes sure that everything is good with her and us. She is such a wonderful daughter and was naturally born with gratitude. I feel grateful because she is doing so well in her career, and she spends a large part of her salary on us, and on fixing up our house. She really goes out of her way for us, and she also watches over our maid and tries to manage things so that we are not spending money unnecessarily. She's like a parent to her parents, and her love is so deeply felt all the time. I am grateful to her for loving us, and grateful to God that He gave her to us.
1. She cleaned up my bedroom and threw away a lot of useless stuff that I keep hanging onto. 2. She asked the maid to write down what is needed for the kitchen, then together we went to the supermarket. She spent her own money for everything on the maid's list, and she also bought ingredients because she wanted to cook for us that night. 3. She got us off our butts and had us call a handyman to fix the roof on the part of the house where the maid cooks. We rarely go there, so we didn't know it leaks when it rains. We also fixed the roof of the maid's house, and Kat got a pesticide guy to do our whole house, and it actually feels very good to have no cockroaches getting into the dog's food.
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My financial resources that easily allow me to pursue my interests and buy a new sweater for the colder months ahead.
It wasn't always this way, being financially stable & each time I buy something I like or want, go on a trip, take a class, donate & share I feel such gratitude & appreciation for this resource.
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I have been struggling with singing lessons and not progressing the way I had hoped. This reminded me of many times in my past when I would try something and then quickly give up.
I'm grateful that this experience is forcing me to confront past fears and learn how to overcome them.
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I’m truly greatful to have my mom around me and support me all the time, no matter good or bad. We share everything together and she is one of my best friend. I can totally open with her at any time. I tell her everyday mom I love you I love you mom. Sometimes she feels annoying but that’s ok. If you love someone tell that person I love you I love you rather than too late to say cause you never know. Life is too short. Be greatful, happy and heathy. That’s all the matters.
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My friend listened to me share a dream about my mother who died recently and allowed me to explore it, tears and all.
It helped me release tension and sadness I have been holding onto around my mother's death
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Mon épouse m'a remercié pour avoir classé et replié les chaussettes de la famille.
Cela m'a fait plaisir de contribuer ainsi aux tâches familiales et j'ai été content qu'elle l'ait remarqué. Sans compter qu'on perd vite une chaussette ou on les mélange parfois et j'ai été bien attentif à ce que ça n'arrive pas.
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Les participants à la réunion de l'ACI m'ont bien remercié pour mon animation concernant les chemins du futur au sujet des technologies et de la science. Ils ont trouvé que la construction de mon animation les amener à mieux comprendre ce sujet et les implications de certaines questions.
Cela m'a fait du bien de me sentir reconnu dans ce que j'ai essayé de faire pour les amener à réfléchir et se former sur ces sujets. J'ai été heureux d'avoir pu leur être utile.
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J'ai remercié les participants à notre réunion ACI que j'ai animée pour leur participation.
Grâce à celle-ci, nous avons pu réfléchir ensemble aux progrès techniques et scientifiques observables dans notre monde actuel et nous avons pu mieux appréhender ce qu'il était possible de faire dans le futur par rapport à ceux-ci, cela en collaboration avec les générations futures.
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Une collègue m'a bien remercié pour l'avoir tiré d'un mauvais pas avec son imprimante qui n'était plus accessible d'aucun de ses PCs.
Cela m'a fait plaisir qu'elle ait pu voir que je voulais l'aider et que j'ai réussi à le faire en prenant même sur mon temps de midi pour parvenir au résultat espéré. Elle était soulagée de pouvoir imprimer à nouveau dans son groupe et cela m'a fait plaisir d'avoir pu être utile dans un domaine qui n'est pas ma fonction de base au départ.
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J'ai remercié mon épouse pour m'avoir acheté du sirop pour la toux.
Elle prend soin de moi et grâce à elle, je peux soigner mon mal de gorge, mieux dormir la nuit et être plus performant au travail.
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I had to return something at a store downtown and the traffic was bad and parking was awful and there was construction everywhere. By the time I got into the store, I was really frazzled. The store employee was super friendly and the customer service was outstanding and it made it all worth it.
My mood shifted for the better and I was able to accomplish my goal.
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My colleague brought me a thoughtful gift
I can complete a task that I couldn't before
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Principessa e fantastica
Today, just recognizing that I am alive.
So many opportunities to take every breath and be thankful. Being able to come and go, and say “I love you”, eat what I cooked, and say hello to my friends.
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I went on a short road trip with my husband, which I always enjoy because it brings us closer together, reconnects us.
It takes me our of my routine, changes my perspective. It puts me & my husband in a place where we're together without the usual distractions, giving us the opportunity to talk about things more deeply.
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Yesterday was my little niece birthday and all my family gathered at my parents’ home. My brother and sisters, their couples and my other niece. Everything was very nice, the food, the present. More important, we were all together again
It was just a nice moment, and I appeciated it
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I sat writing my morning pages in front of the fireplace, a purring cat on my lap, a cup of tea at hand, listening to the rain.
It reminded me that simple things really do bring happiness.
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My sister has helped me to differentiate toxic people around me
I can quickly distinguish a toxic person because my sister has helped me to accept myself as I am. So now, when I disagree with someone or something (like a bad attitude), I can openly say something about it and not just follow the crowd...which is what I was doing before.
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I feel grateful that I have enough to eat.
My basic needs are met and I don't have to worry from day to day about how to meet them. This is very fortunate.
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I walked outside to get into my car to go to work and saw the most beautiful sunrise I've seen in forever...oranges and pinks and yellows...
I was a wonderful welcome to my day and I was thankful for the opportunity to see it!
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Sunny and Bright
My cousin Molly helped me with new tips for my bizmates preparation. She is really good at what she does and I learned a lot from her. We also got to test our Skypes together to see what we could do with it. It was extremely rewarding.
I learned a lot in preparation for my demo and I have more confidence with handling the technology. The photo I am posting is a way of saying that things are always done better when you are doing it with someone else who has your back.
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For waking up to the day, feeling my breath move.
I'm reminded I'm fortunate to be alive and to make the most of the day.
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Mary Keffer
My husband took care of me for many weeks/months after my surgery.
Helped me heal
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Mimis my cat. She was really cute and cuddly this morning. So much so that I was a few minutes late to work. She is so aloof but her little surprise cuddle sessions are really special and I hope the warms up as more time comes.
She is so aloof but her little surprise cuddle sessions are really special and I hope the warms up as more time comes.
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Principessa e fantastica
My coworker recommended me for the new position.
I moved to a better job, less stress and better paid. Also, I feel more identified with the culture