Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

ruth's picture
Even though it's pouring down rain today, I was able to stay dry with my wonderful raincoat and umbrella. My parents gave me both.
My parents are so generous and thoughtful. They have always made sure I have whatever I need.
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My friend is enthusiastically helping me start a new business while I tie up lose ends on current obligations and responsibilities.
This is helping to make my transition from one project to the next smoother than it would have gone without her help.
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BG Renée
Who held both doors open for me today!
I was able to acknowledge his kindness and we both felt good.
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I was able to get a seat on my Bart ride into work
It gave me a chance to read and relax before the hustle and bustle of a Monday
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Today I woke up early, because I heard noise and I got up, and I helped my mother in cleaning her room, she had gone shopping and when she returned she was happy.
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I was going to get a hamburger for lunch but my body felt that it didn't want a hamburger but something like sushi instead. On the way to the burger place I saw a Japanese place with a line out the door and ate there instead.
My body feels great! Lol
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Cathy Hartt
I am grateful for a gorgeous spring day and walking with my dogs over lunch break.
It was an opportunity to savor the warm days of the approaching winter.
JMC's picture
I gave a student lotion for her dry ankles when she asked me.
Glad to help
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My job is so wonderful. I get to interact with a group of wonderful people that are so supportive and caring.
I am able to return that feeling to others.
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I talked with a patient today and she was extremely down. I showed her pictures of my daughter and brought a smile to her face. I also shared the power of a gratitude journal with her.
Warm and Fuzzy and happy
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I woke up this morning and let the pups outside. As I opened the door to let them back in I looked up and saw the sunrise beginning. It simply took my breathe away and I remember saying out loud. "wow"
It simply reminded me that no matter how negative the world might seem right now, the world, the earth and all its natures is still so beautiful. It is a reminder to slow down, take a moment and look for the beauty in life.
mrsharrishere's picture
My aunt always makes me breakfast and lunch to take to work.
I am full and stuffed all day and do not have to buy lunch.
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Danielle and Lisa shared the call today with Jessica R.
This gave me some good training, coaching and energy and ideas
thprincecharles's picture
I came out to my mom as queer yesterday. She said all the right things but I could tell that she was uncomfortable with it and disappointed. I felt my desire to be accepted for exactly who I am and where I was (emotionally) in that moment in time and I felt derision towards her hypocrisy.
I am grateful for having had the opportunity to recognize that I can not live up to other people's expectations and be okay with that. And I am grateful for coming to the realization that I have to live my truth and make my own decisions.
clayton's picture
She pointed out the birds in the sky
Great to see a touch of nature in the city. In the heart of the city, it's nice to feel a glimpse of the great wild flying above.
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I did a speachabandon and about adoption
She wrote on my Facebook that she decided adopt a child after had heard my speach. She thanks me yesterdar, but this happened 134 years ago! I felt delighted...
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Mousy Brown
I found the time to step into the early morning garden, which was frosted with ice, and watched the sun rise in various hues of pink and blue. I saw flocks of birds fly over and high above a perfect Crescent moon shone in the sky.
It felt like time stood still and it allowed me to start my day feeling positive.
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My colleague is also my friend. She is a delight to talk to every morning and I will miss her when she moves up north.
Speaking to her makes me appreciate friendship especially in the workplace.
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I am very grateful that our daily standup (which includes a retro this Monday) went well and smoothly.
These meetings seem to cause me anxiety that I can't completely explain and therefore when they go well, it comes with a sense of relief.
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I work with children who are deemed as difficult and challenging, but very often they show me appreciation and kindness.
It reminds me that everyone deserves a chance. It made me think that people can see your efforts and devotion and I am lucky to receive such a positive feedback.
clayton's picture
Setup Google Sheets on the computer
Greatful that I could make her life easier and allow her to embrace using the computer in a positive way!
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Said good morning with a great big smile
started my day off happy
clayton's picture
Coworker is very discerning and weighs the pros and cons when making a decision.
He strives for balancing quality along with the needs of the project. Keeps the project clean and generally organized even though others may disagree. He is also willing to concede when really necessary.
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Meagan D
One of the teachers in my building is doing a fantastic job of supporting our new teachers.
When a teacher supports new teachers, they can often predict the types of training or reminders that teachers need.
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I am very grateful for the Buddhist group I belong to. It provides me regular opportunities to practice in a retreat setting.
I realize most people - even those with a Buddhist practice - don't have this opportunity and am very grateful to be able to enhance my practice in this way.