Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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Mary Keffer
My husband took care of me for many weeks/months after my surgery.
Helped me heal
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Mimis my cat. She was really cute and cuddly this morning. So much so that I was a few minutes late to work. She is so aloof but her little surprise cuddle sessions are really special and I hope the warms up as more time comes.
She is so aloof but her little surprise cuddle sessions are really special and I hope the warms up as more time comes.
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Principessa e fantastica
My coworker recommended me for the new position.
I moved to a better job, less stress and better paid. Also, I feel more identified with the culture
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I took my aging dog to the vet with a host of problems. It was my 1st time to this vet. Dr. Olsen was helpful, thoughtful and provided simple advice in a complex situation.
My dog may have cancer and her advice helped me get some perspective. It made a really tough situation easier to understand and process!
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I am playing a lot of Final Fantasy 14, especially after the newest expansion.
I am having a lot of fun and hanging out with friends (albeit, digitally, which is fine). I was even able to get a house in the game as well and have been enjoying decorating and planning for it. I am weird, I know. It helps calm down the stress from work!
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M Miller
A client said, "I trust you completely. You make the decision on how we should proceed."
I feel proud of the effort I've put into this project and our professional relationship and to have my experience recognized - feels great!
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I feel grateful that the hurricane that hit Dublin, Ireland yesterday didn't hurt me or my loved ones or damage our property.
Many people have not been so lucky in recent hurricanes and other natural disasters.
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My buddy Kyle for being patient and understanding with me.
By being non-judgemental and welcoming me into his community with the patience to help me with my spiritual journey.
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This week I auditioned at the local community theater.
I am so fortunate to live near many creative and performing arts organizations.
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Principessa e fantastica
I am in my new job! Imoroved environment, increased salary, and less stress!
I feel blessed. This came at the right time. Everything happens for a reason.
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I spent the afternoon gardening (trimming and cleaning up beds) in the warm sunshine with my dog and my husband.
I felt so fortunate to have the opportunity to work outside on a beautiful day surrounded by nature, with people I love, and accomplishing a big task.
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Paula, my pilates teacher.
She has helped me feel better. My back is stronger, I feel better about my body. She is kind.
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Mary Keffer
I got some information I've been waiting for to make a fairly big decision! I'm excited at the opportunity it brings.
It helps me feel like I'm finally getting somewhere.
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Sunny and Bright
Ever since we've been listing grateful things, my partner has become a lot more positive in his ways and outlook.
I no longer feel down when he feels down because he is rarely down. I don't want to thank him yet because I want to wait until it becomes a habit. I am enclosing a photo of our shoes.
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My sister for calling me in the middle of the day to have a stoner conversation with me. She rambled and we had a good heart to heart about family and life.
My sister suffers from depression. She has finally started taking her meds and is doing much better. It makes me happy that her mental health is great right now.
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Missionaries who spoke in church this evening
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My father, he took me in a nice trip to a city near just to see the landscape
Well, I really enjoy the trip. Sadly I didn't take any picture
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Mary Keffer
I am grateful for being on vacation this week. A chance to rest and get away.
I'm lucky to have a good job, but I need to rest.
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Sunny and Bright
I am grateful to God today that my neck is not aching so much as it had in the last two days. I was worried a bit, wondering if it might be something serious as spondylosis, but feeling better today is a great reassurance. I believe that God helped me out of this neck pain because the bible says that "through his stripes we are healed". The stripes refer to Jesus being whipped before He was crucified. So all good things that come my way through God has come out of great expense and effort and love.
My neck is feeling much better and I didn't need to consult anyone for it.
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I am thankful for a cool morning, a warm chair, and a hot cup of coffee.
I am so blessed to live in a safe home in a safe neighborhood and to have these wonderful amenities of life.
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Sunny and Bright
I don't personally know Emiliana nor Dacher, nor Robert Emmons and all the scientists who have taken their time to share their work with people like me. But I am so grateful to all of you first, for putting so much dedication and hard work in the research you have put into positive psychology, second, for the hard work and collaboration that you have put into making this such a wonderful journey as much as it is a course of study, and third, for enriching my life and making me become a better person because of this course. I have felt happier, more connected to others, and am learning about my weaknesses and learning how to understand these weaknesses and sad experiences contextually and in this way, getting past them.
I believe all of you at did your work as a passionate endeavor, but at the same time I think you were all aware that your work could help people all over the world. I am one of those people and I have benefited so much from this wonderful course that you put together, and for this wonderful journal that you have prepared for people like me. I have grown so much as a person because of this course.
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A young person who is a daughter of my work colleague / friend who sat with me and talked about music.
It made my life feel more meaningful.
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J'ai remercié un formateur pour ce qu'il nous a apporté par rapport à une situation particulière qui nous posait problème et qu'il nous a permis d'explorer avec lui sans rester dans la théorie.
Il nous a amené de réfléchir et grâce à lui nous avons pu activer notre bientraitance concernant une jeune dont nous nous occupons à l'institution et que nous avons pu considérer plus positivement, à partir de ses besoins et de ses ressources pour évoluer.
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J'ai remercié une collègue qui a rapporté des chocolats pour le café.
Cette personne est toujours discrète, elle fait chez les choses sans rien dire et avec gentillesse. Devant tout le monde je lui ai demandé si c'était elle qui avait rapporté ces chocolats ce qu'elle m'a confirmé d'un oui et je l'ai chaleureusement remerciée pour que tout le monde apprécie sa gentillesse parce qu'elle n'est pas obligée de faire ce qu'elle fait, ce n'est pas un dû même si elle le fait régulièrement. Cela nous fait toujours plaisir ces petites choses qu'elle rapporte.
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J'ai dit merci à mon frère qui m'a souhaiié un bon anniversaire.
Il l'a fait à l'avance par gentillesse et cela m'a fait plaisir qu'il y ait pensé car il a parfois des problèmes de mémoire. Comme je l'ai invité dimanche avec mes parents j'aurai l'occasion de lui souhaiter le sien aussi ainsi qu'à mon père qui est également du mois d'octobre. Ce sera l'occasion de partager avec la famille un bon repas.