Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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I assumed one of his responsibilities so that he can focus more fully on another project that we have prioritized.
I am happy that I can help him. To see the difference between his stress levels before and after I assumed this task makes it more than worth it.
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I found a new amazing song with Coldplay:)
I felt a warm feeling inside and was reminded of how fantastic music can be!
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I feel very lucky that I am able to work in the vocation I love.
It reminded me how fortunate I am.
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Through a text about it, recognize the healing energy of the human being.
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To my colleague, nice surprise to see her in the office on a day she doesn't normally come in. We had a friendly exchange--and she agreed to cover for me when I'm away over Thanksgiving.
Her bright presence lifted my mood--otherwise would have been alone in the office, except for the clients I see. Relieved my worry about being away over the upcoming holidays.
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Who spent time today listening and chatting to me.
It made me feel loved and calm, and we enjoyed each other's company.
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She opened a conversation with a stranger in a foreign city and opened up about her life
I felt able to give her time and space, to explore our mutual views and to be friendly in a different way.
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My brother Bill supported me with my "readiness to retire" conversation
Affirmation of my thoughts and feeiings!!
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I had to give some paperwork to a friend, and she took the time and energy to come down four flights of stairs so I wouldn't have to go up them.
I wasn't feeling so well, so it saved me the energy I was already low on, and it also saved me time.
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I have the ability to use a workout facility free of charge
it lets me get my mind off of the daily tasks that can sometimes be overwhelming.
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When waking up today, I felt a nasty backpain. Then I went to get the hot-water bag and put it on my back - the effect was immense, the relief so pleasant :-)
I am thankful for haveing a hot-water bag and being in a position to actually fill it up with hot water.
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caroline kloppert
I managed to clear the garden of mess today, buckets, spilled compost and sand, and then I cleared the drive which is like a chaotic working space. Things went well and faster than I thought
I can now look at my garden and its tidy and makes me feel tranquil. Cleaning the drive cleared the space I need to build a gray water bio filter.
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We bought two new electric toothbrushes. They prove very good, charging quickly and cleaning well.
I imagined myself losing my teeth into old age. I am truly grateful for my remaining rather battered teeth and the way cleaning them makes me feel!
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I went for a long run on beach. It was empty and peaceful in the late afternoon.
I felt gratitude for the time at the beach. I meditated. I let go of things that were bothering me.
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The people at a homesteading group I attend for sharing their knowledge, their cuttings and harvests.
This group has taught me so much, given me so many ideas and shared so many plants to help get my land productive.
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I felt so grateful this morning because of lot of things. For my family and friends (esp my mom) and for being alive and healthy and to be living in the US. My mom was like take money and get more candy for the kids :) I sometimes tend to forget what an awesome person she is. That cheered me up great deal this morning.
It gives me succor to know that I have a family, home and food on my table.
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after some struggle I finally could download a CAD archive from a gear motors supplier
Well it doesn't seem the big thing, but it was a small task but hey, it needed to be done, and when I finished I felt so relief
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I frequently chat with my best friend over Google Hangouts while we're both at work.
I'm grateful that she wants to talk to me during her work day and I enjoy our conversations.
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I brought in food for a potluck.
I felt appreciated.
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My coworker brought in surprise cookies, including my absolute favorite kind (snickerdoodles!)
I got to have a nice, tasty surprise to go with my tea. Luckily I had room in my "food budget" and it was totally worth the indulgence. Love it when I get one of my favorite things as a total surprise! :D
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A coworker helped me to fill out some documents I have not much experience completing. She really helps me unconditionally, whenever I need her help.
Her help, and expertise was beneficial for a meeting we were having at the time.
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I stayed and listened to my colleague at the end of the day. And gave him some tips in regards to his challenges.
I felt happy to help and that we can be there for each other
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The kitchen ladies
I was thanked for making breakfast for students.
It is nice when you are appreciated for doing what you love
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I was able to run 4 miles this morning
It reminded me that I am lucky to be able bodied and have 2 legs that work and a body that is healthy!
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Thankful for my faith, realize over time, more and more, that it is a gift I have been given.
Humbled knowing it is not a product of my own making. Inspired to muture not neglect it, alongside its greater companion, Love ♡