Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

SusanB's picture
Just grateful for lunch and a walk during the work day with a like-minded friend--and her dog!
LIfted my spirits.
knappjess's picture
They encouraged me.
It made me look at what I'm doing well rather than what I feel I'm struggling at.
darryl's picture
I got to reconnect with old coworkers and colleagues yesterday!
It reminded me how lucky I am to have had those past work experiences.
SethRevels's picture
My friend helped me pick out dinner
I was able to find some great food for my family
kauisyndrome's picture
P thanked me for smoothing things over with Kendra.
He made me feel appreciated and valued b/c he noticed my efforts.
agenochio's picture
My daughters, woke up this morning without my having to wake them up. They had already pulled out their clothes the night before and went to bed on time. Upon waking up, they told me that they were proud of me and that they know I've been working hard for them.
This made me reflect and appreciate what steps I take to ensure that my daughters are to grow up to be a "stand up" pair. It brightened my rather hard to wake up morning.
LisaN's picture
This morning I got to look at my sleeping son who had fallen back asleep next to the heating vent. I got to smooch his sweet little face before leaving and watch his eyes flutter open. "Have a good day, momma."
I felt love and loved.
aarbour's picture
We have become close friends as she deals with very serious health issues. She thanked me for my friendship.
Special and grateful. She means the world to me. Bringing her joy brings me joy.
momX5's picture
We have incredible friend who brings our youngest home after school every day.
I don't have to worry about how he will get home after school. We are blessed with great friends who help when we need it. In her words "it takes a village."
Melissa_Love's picture
Helped me with family reading night and offered great ideas and suggestions.
Made planning family reading night fun!
myrha's picture
My coworker helped me out by coming to my rescue with printer problems when I had clients waiting and another client waiting for an appointment.
this made me feel less anxious before my next appointment.
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My wife called me this morning from NYC for a wake up call.
She helped me get out of bed so that I’m not late for work. She started my day off with love and support.
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My therapist called me back. She is compassionate and skillful, and I feel her support. She makes time for me. She’s “in the boat” with me and we are both rowing hard.
It helped me get through the days between sessions. She helped me reframe some things.
Lnoshaypetro's picture
I feel so grateful to have decent health care coverage. I’m grateful that I can see my therapist weekly while we are working on the PTSD, and every other week otherwise. Some people can only see their therapist once a month or every 6 weeks. I’m lucky I got Marlen.
It means I can do the work to recover from depression, anxiety, and especially PTSD. I can afford the copay. I have a real partner with me by my side.
scmbam's picture
Grateful for our daughter who checks in on our aging mothers while we're on vacation
This makes it easier to go away knowing there's a family member close by.
rainboz's picture
I have begun to take yoga classes again, and I am definitely feeling benefits of renewing my practice.
I do not feel the general constriction as I did before, I feel more open overall—body and mind. I am pleased with myself for starting to do yoga again. :)
baladag's picture
I was able to buy myself a cup of coffee
It made me think of people who can't
salonidp's picture
My husband makes me coffee on mornings I struggle to get up. I love him for knowing what I need even when I don’t ask for it.
I love him for knowing what I need even when I don’t ask for it. It makes it easier to get my morning started and brings a warm feeling.
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Ir de compras contigo, sobretodo para ayudarte con las compras cuando necesitabas ayuda, yy recibir por esto buenos deseos de tu parte, es lo maximo
eugenia's picture
My friend lives in SF and I live on the Peninsula, he picked me up from home and drove me to work in SF. He had to wake up extra early to get me, so in return I got him a drink at Starbucks.
I didn't have to find parking in San Francisco which is crazy.
Heather's picture
A wonderful evening with great conversation and a delicious pizza. What could be better?
Relaxing and inspiring at the same time. So lucky to have someone to talk to about all the good things that happen in a day!
TracyAbrams's picture
Nita is awesome! She learned about an idea we had for our all management off site and has taken it to a whole new level! Her creative energy is inspiring and her willingness to run with the thought and put it into context has left me feeling eternally fortunate to have her on our team. I am grateful beyond measure.
Our program has catapulted to new heights. Everyone in the team is excited and energized!
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A colleague took the time to check in after a meeting and ask if there was anything they could do to support me.
It reminded me that my work is important and made me feel less overwhelmed.
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Yesterday, everyone made me feel very special and made sure I was having a great birthday.
I feel privileged to work with such amazing people!
meaganhomer's picture
Our team always pulls together to provide coverage for labs and lectures when required.
I know that I am part of a strong team that works to lift each other up and lend and hand when needed, as most often events occur unexpectedly.