Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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Richard is subdued and moody this time of year. He’s ready to hibernate and stops being active, interested or engaged.
I realised how safe I feel around him. His reliability gives me huge security and I sense my senses relaxing when he’s around.
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I have great health insurance and was able to see a doctor. I also have the privilege of being able bodied - I biked to the doctor and back. Then I biked to work.
Reminded me that in every moment I can feed the wolf of gratitude because I have so many reasons to be grateful.
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I had the ability to see Rick Hanson give a stellar talk at Stanford. I even ran into a friend before and after the talk.
The talk really re-centered me, and gave me practice ways to move forward with a life filled with self-compassion and care. Also helped me broaden my view of the human condition to include not only the spiritual traditions but again include modern psychology without seeing a conflict between the traditions.
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A friend of mine who I am planning to work with said after my pitch that made. "You know the thing that would make me happy above all the things that you mentioned would be to work with you"
Made me really god about myself and appreciated
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I met with a student and we ended our session with a handshake we came up with.
I felt like he really was thankful and that I helped put a smile to his face today.
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A colleague had a great conversation with me to help me understand her perspective.
I have a better understanding and more clarity.
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We experienced a rare snowfall today. It is so beautiful and peaceful.
It gives me a sense of peace
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The sun is shining today!! It gets so gloomy here in Indiana in the colder/winter months & it seems like it's been raining for a month.
I love and need the sunshine. I feel it really affects my mood and demeanor so was so happy it to see it shining brightly today :)
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Deborah McMeel
My colleague, Paul, answered phones for me at work this morning as I took extra time driving to school through 5 inches of snow. He handled all the parents' questions beautifully until I could take over the phone lines.
This allowed me to get to work a little later with extra time for travel through the snow.
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My husband gave me a feet massage since I was very stressed and tired.
This helped me sleep better and rest.
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My bike got stolen and I reached out to all the gearheads I know, and my friend came through! Within a few hours I had bike replaced.
This bike is SWEET, not a beater. So happy to have not just transportation for work, but a really top-of-the-line ride. ♡
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After going to an excellent lecture on the Reformation with a dear friend, we walked out to see a stunning full moon.
I felt such harmony sharing challenging thoughts and the beautiful sky with a dear friend.
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My partner because he is supportive and caring he spend time with me instead of doing his hobbies
He makes me feel happy and with hope, that no matter what happens everything will be ok
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Cynthia Tanajura
I am grateful for the doctor who we met at the emergency... He was very calm and confident that made us feel confortable in that bad situation!
He made me feel more confident in solving the problem that we will have to face from now on.
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Early this morning I saw a wonderful sky in the early morning sunrise.
It reminded me of the power and beauty of nature and also the gift of sight.
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the landscape is so nice at this time of year : fog on the ground, the wind turbines emerging in the sun rising
It makes me feeling part of the world's beauty and grandeur.
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Scarlet Francisca Işgüder
My family. We went for my cousin’s concert and bonded as a family. We had such an amazing night out!
So grateful to be surrounded by love ❤️
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DK Weamer
I thought today, with all the devastation occurring in our country, how thankful I am that so far I have not been directly, adversely impacted by terrorism or climate change.
I realized how blessed I am and how much I have to be thankful for.
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I am thankful for my wonderful principal! She is so supportive and she is always there when I need her.
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I played a game of table tennis today and the joking, fun and exhilaration of the the game made me feel energetic, engaged and put me in great spirits.
I am lucky to have fun with friendly, kind people who are not extremely competitive.
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Two of my coworkers prayed for my Dad today.
As soon as they found out what my Dad is going through, they wanted to pray for him and our family. Yesterday, one of them even cried with me as I was telling her. It really moved me, and their gesture means a lot to me.
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I took my dog for a walk in the evening and the moon sat low and huge in the sky with clouds around it lit up by the sun setting.
It made me appreciate the beauty around me and remind me of the scale of the universe.
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I was able to take time off from work to join my son on a class field trip.
It allowed time to spend together doing something fun, to meet his classmates, and get to learn a little more about him.
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shared how someone was grateful of them.
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I checked in with a student on how she's doing. She talked about two related experiences where she's feeling rejected. I listened.
Good and grateful that I know her.