Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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For a wonderful home to leave in.
My home makes me feel safe.
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This is pretty weak, but I am thankful for the weekend.
After such a horrible work week last week, I am just so grateful for that little bit of time to recharge my batteries away from the stresses of work.
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My mother helps me to be a better mother. She has been a rock for me and makes this life easier for me and my family.
In so many ways! She gives me a night off when I need it. She steps up where I fall short. She it the best mom and grandmother!
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Yesterday I was able to collaborate with seminarians from my city, and this made me feel good because they need for their collaboration formation of the parishioners, it feels good especially because they are local vocations that arise.
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We slept late today.
It is rare that I don't have to be somewhere in the morning even on weekends and it feels great to take it easy.
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All week long I got a lot of hugs, and really nice hugs! Ale, Karla, Ari, Eva, Andrea and Vanessa (even if those last two where under not-so-good circunstances). Never in my life have I given worth to these kind of things, how nice is to feel the warmth of a nice, long and tender hug!
The first hug made me realize how much am I valored between my friends and how much have I changed in these months. I passed from being the grumpy, sarcastic guy to a lovely, warm person.
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My husband prepared and cooked a great meal. He got everything ready ahead of time so when I joined him in the kitchen, all the work was done.
I felt valued, supported and got a very full belly!
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I am grateful for my sight, my feet and hands
It remainds me of how lucky it is not to be physically disabled
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I am thankful for my brother, a life long friend, for a text that made me smile.
I found out we are both using the same app to practice meditation, a funny surprise. I'm inspired/motivated to continue my lovely new habit.
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Yes exactly. 2 days ago, I went on the walk along the river where I live and indeed I saw those incredible rainbows. They always go by 2. One of them was complete. You could see the arch from left to right (and right to left) up to the ground. It was so bright that it was piercing through the trees. No picture unfortunately as I did not take my phone with me.
I felt filed with wonder about how beautiful the nature could be and how sophisticated the nature is, pondering about the optical phenomenon I also felt connected as a teenager, who was walking his dog, was also under the spell of this rainbow, taking picture. We exchanged a few words. Felt good to have this inter-generation connection, drawn by a beautiful and magical phenomenon.
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I saw an item on tv about fages.
I appreciated the different approaches in the world.
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My friends convinced me of going out yesterday, and it was super fun!
They reminded me how fun girl's nights are!
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I took care of him when he felt sick for drinking too much.
I felt glad that I could help him.
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The people at the library's writing group that gave me positive feedback on my manuscript.
This made me feel inspired and capable and encouraged me to keep writing.
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I have been in a state of mind where I had virtually no hope left in my life. This person reminded me that people do care. There are no words that can describe how deeply touched I feel.
I feel some hope for the future for the first time in a very long time.
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Mary Keffer
Potato wedges for lunch
Satisfied my hunger
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I'm grateful for all the people on the internet who give their time, energy, expertise, and wisdom.
Over time these people have helped me know and understand myself better and to grow as a human being in ways that I never would have otherwise.
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Grateful for the beautiful colours of Autumn. Went for a walk yesterday. Enthralled by the autumn colours, and the sunshine. All so beautiful, it made me very thankful
Exactly what it said above! This planet is so beautiful, and I am lucky to be able to get out into nature and enjoy it.
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Doing after-school transport for grandson, with a stop for lunch, when I found out granddaughter was home (due to teacher planning day). Swung by & picked her up to join us for lunch. My daughter-in-law thanked me, saying I went above & beyond (though it didn't feel that way).
My first reaction was I didn't go above & beyond, then I thought wait a minute my reaction diminishes the exchange. Wouldn't it be better to accept the other's point of view, feelings and enjoy the thanks. I did & my heart felt a little fuller. Hmmmm, so a wonderful little lesson learned about gratitude - stay open & welcome it where it shows up. ❤
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God's mercy and forgiveness.
This makes me feel loved.
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Lying in bed together, we were spooning as we often do, chest to back legs bent together. I felt his warmth, bulk and the softness of his skin under my hand.
I am SOO grateful for his presence, care and the fullness he brings to my life. He makes me so much more than I would be alone.
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My new personal trainer spent an extra half hour explaining the new programme in detail.
I got a good sense of the programme and felt valued and respected.
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I am thankful that I can swim every morning before the sun rises. I consider my morning swim as meditation time. When I am finished, the sun is rising. I can see the blue sky and the puffy clouds. How magnificent and vast.
I feel that I have been given another day to try to do better.
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We gathered today with a couple of Friends to discuss some work we intend to do. We still have the present a work proposition and still is not sure that we get it. Still I find nice to meet with friends to talk about these things, it made me feel useful in some way.
If we get it, we would have some income which we really need currently (all the three of us), but I didn’t want to focus on that. These would be my first project as independent, and all I want is to get some experience… for the future but also for the present. When we finished, I feel really grateful (hope my friends feel that way too)