Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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I helped a friend through a difficult challenge on a project.
I felt as though I'd made a difference and helped her get organized and that made me feel good.
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Emma Campbell
My children both helped me to wash up before we went to bed and they didn't squabble too much about it!
It was quicker to do, and it meant that the kitchen was clean when i got up which always starts things off nicely!
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I feel grateful to my nieces who believe in me more than I do sometimes. For them to see me in a light that I wouldn't see myself. They see me as creative - a term I would not use to describe myself.
made me feel good that i am creative, and can do creative things. hopefully inspires them to do creative things as well.
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I heard Sam Bush play tonight- such incredible music, with dear friends, in the best venue- SNB!
Reminded me to play!
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Kenten Wang
Listened to his concerns and made some recommendations.
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I feel grateful that Mo gives me a room to sleep in every Monday morning.
It has allowed me to sleep more and drive less.
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I shared information on plant-based eating.
I felt like I made a difference by sharing information that can improve someone's health.
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Friends I hadn’t seen for a while who welcomed me.
I felt seen and remembered and valued
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I'm so thankful that the holidays are upon us and the important work transitions which took place over the Summer were successful.
Our entire Hawaii Region will benefit from the changes which took place this year with the Maui Health System. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of the transition team and I am grateful for the successful transition. I am also grateful for all of the wonderful people I met on the project.
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A beautiful commute this morning. Pink clouds lit by the rising sun reflected on the waters of the bay.
We are surrounded by such beauty, yet get so wrapped up on our day to Dat sometimes we fail to notice. Do glad I had the chance to experience the dawn this morning.
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Josey De Rossi
I gave my daughter some positive feedback with regards to a difficult situation she is facing. She sent me a text to say how much she appreciated my comment and how timely it was for her to hear.
I was reassured that my company brings her something positive at this time in her life
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I just completed the Science of Happiness course on edX.
I feel a huge amount of gratitude for the creators of the course, the incredible value of the course content and my commitment to completing each section every week and fully engaging with the material. I am feeling a huge sense of accomplishment and like I have gained a lot.
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My boyfriend offered to let me shave his head in solidarity for losing my hair to chemo. We shaved it this weekend.
I felt like he was in this with me. I felt loved and supported and part of a strong team.
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Two of my kids were home for dinner tonight.
Dinner was fun and we laughed and talked about our day. It just felt really good to spend time with 2 of my kids.
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Scarlet Francisca Işgüder
An amazing husband who works so hard just to look after me and baby (due in January) and loves unconditionally
He has brought so much happiness into my life. I am a better person ever since he has entered my life.
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My son was so kind enough this weekend to run my 6 mile relay. I signed up and didn't really know what I was signing up for. When I was a little stressed out about it and mentioned it at home that my knee was not doing well, he quickly jumped into it and offered to run for me. He did the relay race on Saturday and killed it. Super proud of him and very grateful for having a great son who saved me.
I was there cheering him on. I was such a proud mom to be able to introduce him to everyone as my son. I feel like we bonded and it has been awhile since we spent time together.
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I'm grateful that I had the day off. I am sick but I was able to stay home.
I am glad I could rest and had time to recover.
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I gave a women at Walgreens money for breakfast.
I felt that she was hungry and I was glad I could help.
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I made a presentation to a group of new employees today.
It reminded me of what an interesting job I have. I enjoy it every day.
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My sister for our continuing Pinterest conversations and for reassuring me on my decisions.
This made me feel supported and happy to know that she thinks about me.
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Dana sent off final business plan to Shaq today
This is the groundwork for my futire
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I'm thankful for the gift of life
It reminded me how beautiful our planet is and how lucky I am to be alive.
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My real estate agent that is helping me sell my brothers condo.
Her gentle guidance is making the process much less complicated.
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CPL is always there to be a support. I am having an unusual experience with a new job prospect and I know that I can count on him. I knew that I could call him as I was feeling some anxiety. He was available for me to reflect my actions and give me objective feedback.
He helps me to put things in perspective; this makes me feel more at ease.
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I was gifted several extra hours of work today.
It provided me with some much-needed income right now and gave me an opportunity to exercise pretty vigorously.