Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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I supported her of different forms to achieve her goal of going away to study in Germany.
I felt that I can help people who I love, to achieve their goals. Also I felt that she and her family value what I have done for her, and now I am not a stranger for them.
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I am so grateful my 14 year old son spent an incredible day together. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to teach him how to do burn outs in the local rink parking the snow...and no accidents or police involvement. Lol...just like the 80's!
He was so happy today.
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I finished an 8 years-relationship (with an exgirlfriend), since then this person has been my mate in almost everything. She has not judge me for my past, even has not asked very much.
I feel that I am recovering my capacity to love without resentments. Also I feel that I have recovered my selfconfidence, and do not distrusting in others.
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Tomorrow we will go to offer a service. It would be an actual chance to work.
It makes me feel useful again
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A neighbor in my building said we (my husband and I) gave him hope that he could find love in the world.. Because we were bubbly and happy.
I felt a little strange at first but it was nice To feel like I was part of this community.
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A group of us had a large group text in which we caught up with each other and made plans to get together next month. Additionally I was able to offer some a friend to help him with a promotion.
I just was reminded that this group of guys has a deep connection to each other through work and shared tribulations.
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In the very early morning there was a severe electrical storm outside, with heavy rainfall. As I lay in bed I felt grateful for the privelidge of living in a house with a roof over my head, providing safety and comfort from the wild weather outside.
I felt privelidged to live in my own house. I am aware that most people in my country, and in fact the whole world, cannot claim this privelidge.
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I am thankful for the fire. I am thankful for the trees that make it possible for us to have wood for the fire. I am thankful for those for those who make it possible for us to have the wood. I am thankful for the warmth and the beauty.
The fire reminds me of what it means to be human: the universal need to be warm and safe and to gather together, to be quiet.
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My brother got engaged!
All three of my siblings will soon be all married and I am so excited to celebrate another wedding!
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I attended a tandem yoga class this morning. I've been several times before but on this occasion, I came away feeling bright, uplisted and sunny. The two class leaders managed to create a healing and supportive atmosphere that really made me feel good.
After a late night and little sleep, I was very aware that I could have had trouble focusing and entering into the practice but on the contrary, I flew through the class and bounced out of the door with a spring in my step and a song in my heart.
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My husband and I had a nice talk.
It helped us make some decisions together.
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Scarlet Francisca Işgüder
My sister incited me to have brunch with her family and I got to spend time with my wonderful niece and nephew whom I adore to death.
Had such a lovely Sunday Funday
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Ayer escuché varias veces una canción de uno de mis cantantes favoritos, Joaquín Sabina. Lo curioso es que no es una canción nueva para mí. La he escuchado muchas veces antes, pero ayer me di cuenta lo que realmente significa la letra y lo potente que es: "Que el fin del mundo te pille bailando / que el escenario me tiña las canas..." Simplemente, maravillosa. Transmite una alegría y una vitalidad increíbles.
Me alegro hasta el tuétano de los huesos. Son pequeños guiños de la vida, que me dicen: "vamos, dale, tú puedes. Vas por buen camino!.
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Ayer participé en una sesión de Constelaciones Familiares facilitada por Enzo Arias. Previamente, nos tomamos un café y un pastel exquisito, y mantuvimos una conversación en la que sentí cómo Enzo, un gran maestro para mí, se alegraba genuinamente por el momento vital en que me encuentro y por lo que estoy haciendo. Además, se abrió la posibilidad de trabajar juntos en el desarrollo de su proyecto. En la sesión de Constelación Familiar, agradezco cómo se presentó la necesidad de "estrangular" a la vida. Está ahí para nosotros, para que la tomemos y la vivamos al máximo en todos los sentidos. Sin juzgar, sin lamentos, sin miedo.
Me ayudó a recordar cuán simple es la vida y cómo depende de nosotros lo que hagamos con ella.
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Me siento profundamente agradecido porque ayer descubrí un aspecto de mi sombra que no había visto hasta ahora, gracias a un compañero de trabajo: mi tendencia a evitar el conflicto y no "dar la cara" cuando algo negativo ocurre.
Me permite expandir mi conciencia y tomar decisiones sobre este tema.
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Hoy se cumplen 1 y 7 meses que comencé a compartir mi vida con una persona a la que por fin puedo llamar compañera de vida. Ximena es una bendición en mucho sentidos, porque como espejo me ayuda a ver muchas cosas de mí mismo. Pero sobre todo, es el mejor ejemplo de cómo la abundancia está en mi vida.
Me ayuda a ser más consciente y me apoya sin reservas.
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It is more what they didn't do. In studying the Science of Happiness course, there was an article about gratitude and spouses, and referenced how usually one partner is less engaged with housework and less grateful for the work the person doing most of the housework does. I am the woman in our relationship and therefore, statistically, more likely to be doing most of the housework. I do, but not because of statistics. I do it because I am home more. And every day I know that my partner is grateful for it. We have never had conflict over household issues because he is always aware of my effort, as I am with his and how hard he works at a job he doesn't love. I am grateful for who he is and who he is with me.
His daily actions of appreciation make me more willing and happy to do the things I do around the house. I enjoy taking care of him and I really feel that right now because he has been away a lot.
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My boyfriend woke up early to make me breakfast before my chemo appointment, hours earlier than he had to be up.
I felt less alone and it saved me some time.
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Spending time with the tribe at the holiday expo
It reminded me how important friendship and relationships are to managing stress. With getting a call from school on Brayden then hearing Zella lied it’s nice to have women to talk with that won’t judge.
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Yesterday and today, I am grateful for time...
Opportunity to calming prepare for the busy week to come
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My friend took the time to go get lunch with me at the last minute.
It let me go out during the day to enjoy the last day of my three day weekend, and it was nice to chat with someone that I don't usually talk to much as well.
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My sister said thank you for her birthday present.
I was pleased because we haven't communicated in a while. It's progress to have her accept and acknowledge the present.
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My family went on the M V Burley Griffin and cruised around the lake. I'm grateful that we had nice weather and everyone enjoyed it.
It was a memorable experience. It's great to have these memories as a family.
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My daughter laughed. It was such a beautiful laugh. I hope she always laughs that way. I'm so grateful that she is happy.
She didn't know but her laugh made me happy.
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My family, blood-related and otherwise, who loves me.
They came out of their way to spend time with me.