Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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I washed in fresh clean running water
I appreciated the immense effort expended over centuries and across continents to bring me ‘ordinary’ water.
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I booked my vacation after long procrastination.
Good feeling to have this arranged and done so it is one less thing to worry about.
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My Fiance "picked me up" after a hard day at work. He let me complain/vent for a minute or two and then empathized with me. Then he was really silly with me and made me laugh and forget about all of my stresses!
This cheered me up and made me let go of things that were bothering me. It also lead to the two of us having a great time together and connecting.
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My husband left me for another woman.
I have more time to give myself the care that neither my parents nor my spouse chose to give.
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Good Listeners in my life
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Laura May
My son helped me bring in the groceries
It made everything go more smoothly. It was raining and it was nice to have some help it made me feel really good.
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Starting a business I'm able to work more flexible hours - longer hours, but on the things that I want to.
It reminded me that even though it's difficult to get everything done in the time frame that I want, I have the privilege of having the chance to work on something that is important to me and do it in my time.
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I saw a really sweet post on Instagram from my cousin Dan about how great Colorado is
It made me so happy to live here. Sometimes I'll look out the window and I honestly can't believe I got so lucky. This place is incredible. Truly.
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I have a good job.
It gives me a nice unit to live in, a great car, food everyday
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I had a gift of time. I was 1 hour early for today's clinic and had to walk in the rain to a coffee place. It was a beautiful walk downtown and the coffee was great.
It was beautiful to observe the fall downtown and taste good coffee.
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We cooked and ate our first ever rice pudding.
It tasted creamy, light and simply healthy.
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Me ayudó cuando asistí a un seminario sobre ansiedad, ya que dio alternativas para afrontar de manera eficaz la ansiedad.
En poner en práctica sus sugerencias
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I took a new client out for the first time and it was a great success even though the owner was concerned about poor behaviour/habits.
I felt confident in my abilities to do my job and was reassured that I'm on the right path.
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Spent time with college friends and thankful they are still in my life. The laughter and conversation brought joy to me today.
We had fun together catching up on old times and new things in our lives.
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I'm grateful that my partner and I can talk things out, even really hard things, and feel like we're making progress. We had a bad fight last night and things got pretty explosive, but I feel like we're a bit more grounded now. We talked about how we felt, and how both of us messed up, and steps we're going to take to try to make things a little better, and even the benefits of having that fight (getting things out of our systems, release, etc.).
It gave me relief, and hope that our relationship will make it, that we can be honest with each other, and that my partner will get relief from some of his pain.
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My son is healthy, both of them but the oldest one was quite ill. I could clean my house and prepare everything I must do today, and my boys helped me a lot with that! Now I am free to play with them and enjoy the rest of the day.
It reminded me there is enough time to do things at home and enjoy life. And that do things at home can be fun for kids if we make it fun. It takes more time, but i don´t yell and they don´t see me as the one that is always busy with things at home without looking and playing with them.
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My coworker drove me out about two hours to an event venue today on her day off so she could help us do a test run for an event in November.
It made it much easier to get to the location as I otherwise would have needed to get really creative. It also allowed me to have the opportunity to talk with her to hear about her thoughts and experiences on various things.
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It is a privilege to work with students
I am working one-on-one with a student and mindfulness it is wonderful to look into his eyes after each session.
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The relaxed pace & activities of my day, especially my walk in the afternoon when the morning fog disappeared, the sun broke out and the air warmed up enough to shed my jacket from earlier in the day.
I realized, connected with the idea & feeling of, not being in a hurry or packing my day with activities to feel like I'm living a full life. Slowing down & appreciating my choices in the moment is so much more pleasurable & life-affirming. I felt satisfied and grateful for this awareness.
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Heart and Mind
The stuio assistant helped me set up memes for the studio teachers.
It took work off my plate and helped reduce my anxiety.
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Billy Mumphrey
My son having another birthday! Family & good health are taken for granted too often, but I stop to be thankful for both today.
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My friend organized an event this weekend so our group could spend some quality time together.
Spending quality time with friends reminds me how blessed I am and how much I am loved! And I got some exercise to boot!
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Having a tasty dinner & wide-ranging conversation with my daughter-in-law & grandkids.
Reminded me of what a wonderful, generous, talented & funny family I have; they enrich my life, challenge my perceptions, make me laugh (at myself) and open me to new experiences. WOW!
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To my brother-in-law, who was a pleasure to work with as we replaced the water tank. Although it was quite hard work, we all felt really good at the end that we had achieved the goal.
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I'm just grateful for the food of every day
it's great