Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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My friend responds to my emails in a kind and supportive way. She helps me with my perspective about my own journey.
Gave me a reassured and calm morning, and more friendship in the future.
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My friend gave a ride to the airport
Got me to the airport on time
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My dog is helped me become more active and appreciate nature
We had fun together hiking trails and playing games. I didnt have to go to the gym and also unplugged and enjoyed nature
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I did a marathon with my 23 yr old daughter- the actual run was hard but the experience was priceless !
Reminded me how was wonderful my immediate family is. My wife cane to cheer us on and came ready armed with food for afterwards
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I am grateful for my family watching over our 5.5 month old baby this past Sat, so that my husband and I can take a real date night. We had a great time, and I felt renewed. Thank you for such a wonderful family who cares, is loving and supports me fully. May God bless them.
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I walked around a neighborhood I hadn't explored yet.
It was fun.
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I feel grateful for this job and the people who I am blessed to call my colleagues.
This job is a wonderful opportunity to give back to those who work so hard in the healthcare field.
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Ken’s thanks
I saw and talked with Mom this morning. It was awkward but it happened. I will make an effort to talk and see her 3 mornings each week.
I know now to be more aware of Mom’s dementia and to be more patient and tolerant of her and others with dementia and other age-related problems.
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Several friends and family members visited to pay their respects when my father passed away.
I was grateful to hear how he had impacted so many lives. And even though it was a sad occasion, I had the opportunity to meet relatives for the first time, and reconnect with those I hadn't seen in many years.
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My Aunt made a very long drive to visit us for dinner this weekend, in the dark, in the cold.
She made me feel very loved
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She listened to my description of a situation, discussed options without being opinionated and then remembered to ask me about the outcome. She was more then happy to listen.
I actually was more relaxed when I worked through my personal issue and found that some issues lose some impact when shared with a supportive friend.
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Deborah McMeel
I was able to perform this weekend in a benefit concert for Hurricane Relief. I made wonderful music with my friends and brought joy to the 70 people who came to hear us.
It made me feel happy and alive
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Talk after a long time with a good friend and know that I can count on her to talk when I need her.
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I am thankful that my dad's health check-up result are OK and I am thankful that my mom is also doing well. My dad has 2 types of cancer and I am thankful for his optimistic and cheerful outlook, a great contributor for his stable condition . and I am thankful that he still has my mom to check up and take good care of him.
I feel our family is very well blessed compared to many people.
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I sent an email home last week to a parent with some praise for their child's positive behaviours, and they emailed back with a very heartfelt and sincere thank you.
I felt happy that this child's parents got some positive news, that the child was praised, and that I was the person I was able to deliver that news.
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I had dinner with old friends twice in the last 3 days.
I felt lucky to have them all in my life.
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Was wonderful to have a day to hang out with my spouse.
Without doing anything particularly out of the ordinary, was comforting to spend time together.
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My husband let me sleep in a different bed while he took care of our baby son's feedings at night so I could get some rest.
This way, I got several nights of uninterrupted sleep, and could function better during the daytime.
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I feel grateful for having the blessing to experience the semester that will end next thursday. During this 4 month span I had the privilege to meet new friendships, new passions, new objectives, new habits, new knowledge, a new body and a whole new approach to love with the person I have feelings for. Thank you God!
While this little period of time might as well be one of the happiest and most important in my whole life, I can only feel really excited about the future.
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I went out for a drink with a friend. It was nice and refreshing
Going out always makes me feel good. And this one was also refreshing. As we sat in a beautiful green area.
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After two years seeing or texting or talking nearly every day, including the period when he was with another girl, i wrote my ex a text thanking him for ghosting on me the last week, without mentioning I knew (And still hurts) that it's likely cuz he found a girl. I thanked him for doing wat i should have done long ago.
I deleted the text without sending it. I was proud of myself for choosing not to be bitter or sarcastic. I'm thankful for the opportunity disguised as adversity he gave me, to help me grow, show the maturity to let him make his own choices, choose for myself how to respond and be persistent and intentional steward of my own emotions in the face of pain.
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My longtime friend included me in his friendsgiving yesterday.
I was surrounded by our loving family and new friends who are like minded. when going around the room to say what we were thankful for, it was apparent that this would be a bonding.
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Has made time to touch base with me and reconnect after not talking for the last couple of years
This was a big reminder that I do.have friends in my industry that care about me and that I have had a positive impact on their lives
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Sean helped me to clean my room for a few hours last night. It really helps to have that help.
We got more done and it motivated me.
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A coworker commented that he could tell I was losing weight
It made me feel good to know that he noticed and that my weight loss was starting to show