Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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For Bridee, Bocelli and Bella... my furry family who are with me.
They are my most trust physical companionship and examples of unconditional love.
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walked in woods on campus, was really pretty
It reminded me how beautiful the autumn is, and nature, and how lucky I am to have use of my limbs, senses etc to experience that
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My son Ontonio (16 years old) was walking home from a friend's house and decided on a short cut through the park. Four males wearing masks (last night it was Halloween) attempted to rob him. They pulled a gun out on him. I'm so very thankful for Paladin's security patrolling the area because there presence was what my son needed to run and seek help.
We are blessed he made it home safely without harm.
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My son with significant mental health and emotional issues receives a monthly SSI check. As his payee I went to pull money for him this morning and his account had a $0 balance. Usually when anything like this happens he loses control and tries to take it out on me and gets very angry. Today, he just said, 'ok, we will get it fixed as soon as we can. Can I just please borrow some money for the things I need?' I was SO relieved.
I felt as if maybe there is some hope for Matthew and him maturing. He is 28 and this is the first time ever he didn't overreact to something like this.
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My grandchildren helped me feel better when I fell and cut myself.
Their attention comforted me and helped me calm down.
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I was able to see my two grandkids dress up and go for Halloween.
I am lucky to experience such joy through their enthusiasm
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I connected with a student to better know people in my community
I feel more connected.
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After 14 years at a job that he was not super excited about, Today was my husband's first day at a new job. I made his breakfast and lunch.
His gratitude was so genuine and kind it made my heart sing!
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I finally had the opportunity to give away the gift that I got for a very special person. The chain of circunstances that was necessary in order for that to happen is remarkable and only makes me more grateful!
It also made feel quite relaxed, since I had been waiting for this for 2 weeks or so. And a nice hug in return is always welcomed!
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When I had the stomach flu, my nephew went out of his way to cook me something that wouldn't upset my stomach as I recuperated
It was just so thoughtful.
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I feel grateful towards the lady at the recycling depot who is prepared to collect lids for the wheelchair exchange and bottles for a lights and lantern evening.
She has no reason to do this other than being helpful. It will contribute enormously to both things.
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I drove to work on icy, snowy roads and experienced no bad outcomes.
I was grateful to be and feel safe.
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Cynthia Tanajura
My husband decided to pick up the kids at school today because I couldn't do this today.
I will have time to lunch today.
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Our adult son, a photojournalist in NYC, called me last night, just to reassure me, even though we had already had an exchange of text messages earlier in the day and I knew he was fine. I had texted him after reading about yesterday's tragic truck attack in Lower Manhattan and learned he had been sent to the scene by his newspaper to take photos.
It reaffirmed our connection. It reminded me how much better he is at staying in touch than when he was younger! Felt grateful he's found meaningful work but was reminded of the dangers he can sometimes face.
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Mary Keffer
My daughter in-law is so sweet and accomplished. I'm glad she is a part of our family.
Make's my son happy, which makes me happy.
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They nade me feel very good, better than ever and gratefull.
With my evolution
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DK Weamer
An old acquaintance contacted me because she needed my help. I am grateful that she saw me as someone she could ask for help and knew that I would help her if I could; and I am grateful to have this person back in my life.
It gave me an opportunity to help someone and to have purpose.
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My friend texted me to ask if I had heard anything more about my father’s health today.
It brought a smile to my face when I saw his message. Made me think he does cares about me. Though we have known each other for several years, we just started going out a few weeks ago.
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My daughter called today.
Though she calls regularly, today has been a rough day for me. It was so good to hear her voice, and listen as she told me about her day at work!
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I took dinner to my cousin - a traditional plate from our country, which he loves. He has done so much for me lately, that it was my way of saying thanks to him.
Though I’ve cook for him many times throughout the years, and he always say thank you, today it felt different. At least it made feel good and happy, when he said he had not had it since the last time I made it for him, which was about 6 months ago. It felt good to feel appreciated, especially after a hard day at work.
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My student that wanted to talk after class about careers and majors. He told me how much he's enjoying the class and how much he's learned.
This made me appreciate my job and makes me feel like I make a difference in my student's lives.
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I was able to send a friend of mine and my sister a meditation to try out. I had been introduced to the meditation from the cancer support center and found it to be really helpful, relaxing and easy to follow.
It made me feel good to be able to send something caring as my friend is going through cancer treatment and my sister is coping with another illness. There will always be illness in our lives at some point and things that we cannot control. I'm grateful that there are ways to ease suffering.
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I received a care package with things to help me get over the flu
It made me feel cared for and I was touched that time and energy was taken to ship everything.
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I sent this person information she was looking for to figure out how to plan a habitat garden
I felt useful and felt good about helping to restore our environment
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I am grateful for 32-Degree Heat long underwear shirts and to Costco for selling them at an affordable price.
I'm working in a temporary location that is extremely cold in the morning and these shirts keep me warm enough to think.