Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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Losing my job
It gives me the time to help my daughters after the recent separation
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Each day, I meditate for 20 mins and do a 15 min yoga before I start my day. Today I recognised what a gift this time is, how much I value it and what I get from honouring my commitment to doing it each day.
I feel calmer, more in charge of my life, less stressed and able to direct my attention more sharply. I hold myself better and have better sleep and digestion.
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My daughter said something really simple about how loved ones are with us in our hearts after they die.
I don't think she realized how much that meant to me. Sometimes children's observations of the world are so simple, sweet and meaningful.
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My husband and I took the time to go to dinner and laugh and connect. I am so grateful.
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Spent his whole morning making the holes in mala beads larger for me.
His generosity made my life easier :)
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I am 38weeks pregnant. I had a doctor's visit today with my OBGYN,
It just made me happy when I realized that throughout my entire pregnancy I was able to receive great medical treatment from doctors that I trust.
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Laura Mariño
My husband fell of a ladder on Sunday. He was in pain after bruising and hurting his ribs. I ran to him and rubbed his back gently, not criticizing (he was holding tools, not holding on properly and did not properly fastened the ladder). I just kept saying I was happy he was conscious and then I helped him to get to bed, applied cream and ice, brought water and painkillers. I begged him to be careful because I need him so much. I was patient (which I am very often not) and have been patient and understanding as he has been in pain and complaining for few days.
Closer to him. More attuned.
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One of my coworkers had a medical issue yesterday requiring an ambulance. Another co-worker called the ambulance so that I could concentrate on keeping coworker 1 conscious and responding. Co-worker 2 talked to me about the incident afterwards which allowed me to let go of a fair portion of the anxiety I was feeling.
They helped to make a bad situation easier to cope with.
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I assured a coworker that everything that they are going through will work out.
I felt very connected with them
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My coworker always keeps me supplied with dark chocolate granola bars, often I will find them sitting on my desk when I arrive or when I get out of class. Today I had already eaten my lunch and was still hungry with several hours to go and he breaks out a new box of bars to share with me.
His granola bar gifts make me feel that I have a friend at work and it's nice to know someone thinks about me. It also makes it easier to work rather than sit there and think about being hungry.
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I realized that shaving my head when I was losing my hair from chemo made me feel powerful and strong. There's nothing left to hide behind.
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im grateful to be able to go to lunch with my friend today
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Weather is warming up.
It was easier to get out of bed this morning.
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I had my hair cut today by the same woman who has been cutting it for 35 years - she's like an aunt to me.
She's the only person who "knows" my wavy/curly hair well enough to make it look good cut after cut. She's one of the few people in my life with whom I can speak honestly.
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My friend, who said she considers herself as family to me.
This made me feel as though my world is larger, that I have more love and connection in my life.
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I have 2 legs and could walk in the sunshine
I'm grateful for living in a peaceful country
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Jim R Feliciano
I had a customer who was very frustrating. My supervisor stepped up and cleared it up.
My supervisor gave me ideas of other ways to deal with the situation.
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Today is National Caregivers Day and I am so grateful we have Loni to help us out with an aging parent.
She is amazing and with her help my father-in-law is able to stay in his home and we are able to go to our jobs each day and maintain our daily schedules.
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Thanked me for all the hard work I have been doing.
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My boyfriend checks in on me and does his best to help support me despite his busy work schedule.
Made me feel loved and acknowledged.
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I am grateful for the sunshine coming in my office window.
It warms my face and reminds me that I am lucky to be alive.
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I caught up with 2 like minded friends and we discussed our learnings from things we attended during the day and how we can use them in our community.
I felt blessed to be able to have wonderful conversations and work on doing good.
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My boss wrote me a note thanking me for something I did for her and also how much she appreciates working with me.
Felt good that I made her day and in turn she made mine more pleasant
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My boss today showed me he cares about my well being. and he agreed to raise a job offer for me to get an assistant that I very much need
It took some pressure off me. The feeling of being overwhelmed wth too much work
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I feel thankful for having a supportive team of people that I work with!
It reminded me that work isn't just a place to get things done, but It can also be a place where you find supportive, creative, talented people that help you become a better person.