Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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My family, blood-related and otherwise, who loves me.
They came out of their way to spend time with me.
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I am so grateful for my garden and scenic surrounds, because when I spend time in the garden, weeding, it relives me of my sadness and anxiety
I have been very disturbed and sad about childhood sexual abuse of my brother and myself. Suddenly thought of weeding and I feel so much more centered and peaceful
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My daughter and her boyfriend bought my wife and me two bottles of wine as a present during a recent winery trip they had.
It made me feel special and remembered by them both
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I took my dog Ruby with me this morning outside to get the car and bring it from the other side of the street to the back of the block of units where my daughter lives. Ruby was very obedient and, whilst an excited 2-year old dog, stayed with me the whole time and waited with me at the side of the road until it was safe to cross. Then when I said go she crossed with me. This was the first time she did this while not being held on a lead.
It reinforced to me how intelligent and loyal our dog is, and I’m loving her more and more each day.
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Because of the wet weather today the sportiv bike ride would have not been enjoyable, so early this morning we made the call to withdraw from the ride. Instead we all went out for breakfast at a local cafe and had a memorable and enjoyable family experience. We brought along our Australian Terrior Ruby and she had a great time too, getting heaps of attention and pats from people passing by just outside on the footpath.
Another happy family memory.
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I video phoned my sister who just had a birthday,,got to "see" and babble at baby nephew. Felt good with my secret, that I mailed a funny, cute birthday care a couple days ago with lil gift.
I could jump on train to deliver card in person (in fact will do that to visit anyway, want to hold nephew!) but I feel good knowing how fun it is to get personal mail, not just bills and junk.
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My grandma hosted lunch for the family to celebrate a special day.
We didn't have to cook and I got to spend quality time with family members I had not seen in a long time.
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My friends texted me and checked up on me today.
This made me feel loved, that there are people that care about me.
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I attended and experienced another great yoga class this morning.
It reminded me how good it feels to work out. I felt increased physical and positive emotional energy for the rest of the day. It empowers me to know that I am doing something great for myself.
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Friends came out to our home for an evening and enjoyed our hospitality for an hour or two.
I know we have a group of good friends who value us and our friendship, who want to enjoy relaxing in our company.
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I walked through our beautiful city park for an hour, with a friend visiting, from out of the country.
Reminded me of such simple pleasures surrounding me and to just take/ make the time to breathe and enjoy.
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The last two days have been spent at home with my two favorite people, doing normal things and enjoying every minute of it!
It was a reset that was much needed. The universe really does provide what we need when we need it. I am so grateful.
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her patience
I feel conected
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I'm grateful for my daughter. Besides coming over and helping us transplant blueberry plants in a light snow shower she just brings us so much joy.
Her company made the job easier and more fun.
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it was GOD- ALLAH who gave me 1. opportunity and determination for doing science of happiness course after so many hardships i faced in life. 2. provided me with sooo many clothes to wear, a safe shelter to live, good, tasty food to eat, family to support, love, care and be with 5. gave me precious friends to rely on and have fun like i had today talking to Saira 3.gave me beauty and brain like made me multi talented as in dress designing, poetry, writing blog, quotes, creating new dishes, drawing, painting, high IQ
I get benefits in day to day life
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I an so grateful for this day and the opportunity for a new start.
This new day is a clean slate, if I choose to let it be.
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He’s worked hard all week and especially today to make our party come together just right.
He gives so much effort to our life together; I am very privileged and honoured.
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My mom bought me a new sign to hang in my future apartment!
I said I had really wanted it and we continued to walk around the fair and at the end, the sign was still sitting there and she said, "Just go get it!!" and it just made me really happy because I don't have a lot of money right now and it made my whole day.
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My amazing cast and crew at the Blue Room.
Reservoir Dolls is a huge success.
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Our whole bldg at work put on an early thanksgiving dinner.
It was great to be able to relax, connect with colleagues on a personal basis rather than about work, and feel like I had permission at work to relax and enjoy rather than simply be required to accomplish.
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Ayudé a la Fundación de Sole a encontrar su propósito y hacerlo visible, porque de ese modo, las personas que son parte de la fundación conocen explícitamente qué tienen en común, por qué decidieron hacer juntas lo que hacen. De este modo, surge la sinergia y la colaboración. Anoche publicó en facebook una frase con parte de lo que aprendió en esa charla y me citó como fuente, reconociendo mi aporte. Cuando le di las gracias por hacerlo, me agradeció de vuelta lo que había aprendido conmigo y me agradeció que haga esas cosas. La frase es: "Si no conozco lo que te interesa, tus deseos y anhelos, no puedo saber lo que compartimos; y si no sabemos lo que tenemos en común, jamás podremos colaborar." Ismael Bermudez R.
Asombrado y muy agradecido. No tenía por qué hacerlo. Un gran reconocimiento. Una señal de "sigue así".
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My former neighbor came over for a comfortable evening watching TV in my new home.
Chris’s visits keep me still connected and I feel valued although we don’t live near each other anymore.
sarahagnes22's picture
My former neighbor came over for a comfortable evening watching TV in my new home.
Chris’s visits keep me still connected and I feel valued although we don’t live near each other anymore.
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Hy Boltz
Feeling grateful for opportunities to continue learning, and grateful to return to a beautiful home!
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I woke up and see through the window and was grateful for my great live that I have
It reminded me that I could do anything and achieve all my dreams