Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

ruth's picture
I made two pita pizzas for dinner last night and I gave the second one to my fiance to take for his lunch today.
I felt happy that I was able to share something with him and make his morning/day better. It also reminded me of how thankful I am for the lunches that have been made for me, by my mom.
grace4's picture
I prepared leftovers in a new interesting way that was more delicious!
I'm grateful for leftovers and creativity!
sarahagnes22's picture
My chiropractor who gently eased my neck— strained in a fall.
Dr Kelly was patient and skillful and encouraging.
lawso2k's picture
A student thanked me for advice I had given, which eased a lot of stress.
It felt great to make someone so happy.
mrsharrishere's picture
I am thankful that I can afford to get a lunch that I enjoyed.
I was full and not hungry anymore.
kdaly's picture
Keith Goode came immediately to my classroom and fixed my broken computer!
I know have a working computer, which allows for a smooth class!
Ribs's picture
Being all round lovely, easy going & a pleasure to work with
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I’m grateful to be alive. I went through a lot of extreme trauma in the first half of my life that I am now dealing with in therapy. I’m just happy that I’m alive, I’m in a loving, long term committed relationship, that I have a good job and generally a good life. I beat the odds! My past still haunts me and definitely has a negative impact on me, I suffer from PTSD and major depression, but I’m just so grateful that I have a good life now.
KJACKL73's picture
I am grateful for this challenge to remind me of the importance of being thankful.
I have something to look foward to everyday!
ekgotmilk's picture
Many friends, families, and friends of friends/family are wearing my Team Erin / Fight Like A Girl bracelets to support me through my battle with breast cancer.
When I'm feeling low, the support helps buoy me. I truly have an army of support. Running into people who are wearing the bracelet or receiving pictures of someone wearing it helps remind me that there are people all over the country rooting for me, praying for me, and supporting me.
So thankful's picture
So thankful
A friend we had not seen for several years was visiting from another state. I appreciate that she made the effort to come see us, and that she brought some serious chocolate.
She made me feel important, appreciated, and connected.
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I am so grateful for the support, encouragement, and love from our teachers and staff. They are absolutely the best!
grace4's picture
My left hip is moving and feeling much better.
I'm grateful for a healthy body.
Lnoshaypetro's picture
I feel grateful for the people who cooked my breakfast today, and the friendly server who brought it out to me.
The server was extra friendly today
grace4's picture
I saw a beautiful sunset during my evening commute.
Nature reminds me that beauty is always present if we pause and notice.
Scarlet Francisca Işgüder's picture
Scarlet Francisca Işgüder
I went to a Japanese Restaurant last week and was billed wrongly. Today I was invited back to enjoy a yummy set lunch on the house.
Spent a beautiful afternoon enjoying good food. Happy mum to be. Happy baby!
kmarkparker's picture
This morning I went to the gym and followed a nearly new programme from my friend. It was hard work but my body responded with energy and I achieved all I aimed at.
I was reminded how privileged I am to have a healthy, fit body and to have learnt to use it well.
kkoperski's picture
My colleague sent me a new lanyard which is personalized for our department.
I feel like part of the team!
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I am grateful for the wonderful people I work with, for their talents, dedication, and hard work, and for their great kindness and support of others.
They inspire me and make me glad to be a part of their team.
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Kenten Wang
Resources available at work to help me and make my work easier.
It reminds me that other people think similarly and care about things.
scmbam's picture
Spending a week's vacation in Kauai and watching beautiful sunsets with my husband
It reminded me of the beauty of nature
baladag's picture
My boss acknowledged her love and appreciation of our team and took us out to a very nice lunch.
This reinforced my enthusiasm to work here, invigorated and validated me.
KPSDFMR's picture
Thankful for chance to work for a great organization
Reminds me that other organizations are much less supportive
GratitudeNow's picture
Every week day morning my husband gets up early to make me coffee.
I am extremely grateful for this simple loving ritual. It makes waking up and getting ready for the day that much nicer!
JillianJenkins's picture
My friend bought me a drink at starbucks without even telling me!
I was so surprised and thankful that she thought of me!