Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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My 16 yr son in talking about going to a Darty ( daytime party) mentioned that he was going with a girl who wasn't his girlfriend. I asked whether his girlfriend was ok with that. he said" Don't worry we are solid like that".
Made me very proud of my sons maturity and appreciation of relationships. Both kids are very loyal. But to hear my son talking in this way, just made me happy!
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Jim R Feliciano
I made a comment at a meeting and usually my comments are forgotten. After the meeting a person came up and asked me about my comment and wanted me to explain my point a little further.
I never know if my comments are heard or receive any attention. This person reassured me that at least one person hears my comments and thinks about what I have to say in meetings.
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I am grateful to be able to afford multiple types of workout classes....Zumba and bootcamp-style classes.
Working out helps me to relieve stress and avoid back pain.
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My housemate came back from camping in the bush and was so happy to drink a cold glass of water, so I remembered to be grateful for the ability to drink clean cold water pretty much whenever I want
Keeps me alive without making me ill!! So so so easily taken for granted despite how much I try to remember that the majority of people in this world would give anything for just one of the many taps in my life.
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Cleaning the fridge
Pleased she had noticed and that it made her happy
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Mousy Brown
Early morning walk in my frosty sky, icy patterns on glass, silent except for bird song, a flock of small birds flying high above...
Time to take a breath and be in the moment before the day started.
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I am grateful that the emails slowed, in all seriousness, I am grateful for being in a community that asks us to slow down sometimes and think about more than just work.
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He cooked all my meat for the week because he loves me and believes in me.
This ensured that I had a healthy dinner which in turn made me feel good about myself.
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My daughter and I were in a hit and run accident today. I am thankful for a lot of things -- that we are both okay, that another driver pulled over to check on us, and another person who, shortly thereafter, saw me looking around behind my car and offered to help me -- He thought I had lost something, but I was actually looking at the bumper. Then later in the evening a stranger asked my husband how his day was and they ended up talking about the car accident.
Maybe there are three nice people for every not-so-nice person. Good to know they are outnumbered!
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Sent a thank you note and Peet’s card.
Gratified that I made someone feel good about doing me a favor.
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My bosses and coworkers have great senses of humor.
Having a long day at work didn’t feel like a chore.
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I had an extremely busy work day with multiple complex patients that resulted in working late and feeling exhausted.
I was appreciative of having a very helpful staff and colleagues that stepped in when I needed it. I was also reminded of the impact I was making on those I cared for and how appreciative they were of my care despite how long they waited to see me.
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My coworker let me vent and cry when I was going through something that was emotionally and mentally exhausting me.
It helped me work through my feelings instead of keeping them in; it gave me a safe space to say what I was thinking.
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Last night, during yoga class my teacher adjusted my pose. I feel thankful that despite many inexperienced students, she finds the time and makes the effort to correct me too. It makes me feel considered and valued.
I went deeper and more correctly into the pose.
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I went to a concert and it was really wonderful
It reminded me that happiness does not always have to be found within myself, but I can fully be a part of experiences that bring such joy to my life.
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I round on patients and and always ask if there is anyone they would like to recognize. When they give me a name, I try and ask for specifics. Today I told 3 employees about their recognition. Two of the employees were over joyed. My employee totally light up. She was ecstatic.
I felt so happy. It was amazing to see her reaction. She was so happy. I felt so lucky that I was able to give her such positive feedback.
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Watching Quigs interact with her kids makes me realize how lucky they are to have her in their room.
WARNERBRUCE1380's picture
Watching Quigs interact with her kids makes me realize how lucky they are to have her in their room.
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I'm thankful for my best friend for accepting me as I am despite my quirks and oddities.
She makes me feel that I can be honest and open to her and know that she won't think I'm weird.
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My friend stopped by on her birthday so I could give her a present and she brought ME flowers!
My friend's kindness to me in junior high school long ago was a lifeline then and our friendship over the years has been a great blessing. The flowers today really brightened a grey afternoon!
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Started dinner yesterday because I was running late coming home from work.
We were able to finish cooking faster and spend more time together.
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My husband left me a note on my pillow, expressing how much I mean to him.
It made me feel appreciated and needed.
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My Bestie's birthday is today. Not only is she my Bestie but she's a great Boss and colleague. We work for an awesome "Thriving" company and it's so wonderful to have our work environment enhanced by great relationships. I hope this is the best birthday ever for her and that she enjoys many more to come.
We always have fun but especially on special occasions.
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Got a temp job, grateful for the high energy, interesting work.
I am not super materialistic, happy with a simple life. But obviously need money for basic needs, so the income from the job what I'm thankful for. That and I'm inspired to set short term career goals.
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my son is sick and we are able to take him to a doctor with good hospitality and care for him.
It keeps my child healthy, or prevents further sickness.