Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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I got a great text yesterday thanking me for doing something that was no problem at all. It made my day ... that's the kind of place I work in!
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Scarlet Francisca Işgüder
My sister came over to paint the base coat in my whole room for me. She spent the whole day here doing this for me to prepare my space before baby arrives in January.
I ended saving so much money and the room already looks amazing. I am so happy and grateful!
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I had a conversation with Tuyen after circling today and was able to clear the air with him about the disconnect that has grown between the two of us over the past few weeks.
The conversation helped me to realize that I have a tendency to withhold from others when I have negative emotions come up around their actions and I feel that they are going to respond negatively towards me or not understand. I think this will help me to be more assertive in the future about voicing my concerns, frustrations, criticisms of others so that I can stay in connection with them. This interaction also helped me to recognize that I have difficulty bringing up negative/difficult emotions with others because I don't know how to frame it in a constructive way. I can work towards a goal of focusing on coming back into connection with others rather than dwelling on whose experience was "right".
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I asked a local kitchen fabricator if they had an offcut of melamine of a certain colour that I could use in my kitchen to cover up a section of wall where the plasterboard is missing. Not only did they say yes, but they cut it to the exact size that I needed.
The strip of melamine fit perfectly and the wall now looks good. I felt extremely grateful for their generosity.
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My husband made me spaghetti and it is amazing!
I was able to relax after work.
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My Dad’s pathology report, showed that the cancer was completely removed!
We get to enjoy our Dad for a little bit longer!
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It was cold outside and I put on my new winter hat! My girlfriend picked it out since she liked the style a lot so it is not just a random hat. She spent time picking it out and finding the perfect and I appreciate it.
Kept my head warm and have a reminder of my girlfriend.
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Many months ago my coworker gave me a long sleeved blue shirt that she got in India.
Today I was finally able to wear the shirt since the weather has been cold enough. I also think it looks cool :-)
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I was able to give an apple core slicer from the dollar to work today.
Now me (and everyone else) at work can enjoy the simplicity of cutting apples with the apple slicer. yay! :-)
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I'm grateful to my mother in law for picking me up after work. My husband needed to use the car and was far away.
I didn't have to take a bus and got to go where I needed.
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The man at Cole Hardware cracked a joke when checking out.
He made me laugh and he also smiled when I laughed haha :-)
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I had a quiet afternoon and was able to catch up on some stuff at work.
I feel more relaxed now.
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I took the time to get to know their child /my student.
I was pleased that it made the person happy, but it is my job, one I'm fortunate to be able to do.
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BG Renée
My grands live close enough to visit. And occasionally I can hang out with them.
I’m watching my 2 year old grandson tonight. He loves dinosaurs!
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Stephanie Catlett
Thank you Kim for asking me if I needed a sick day...I sure did.
This made me stop and take care of myself.
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I really enjoy when colleagues come into my classroom to observe and relay such sweet and constructive comments back.
Makes me feel happy to be in the classroom each day.
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I finished working on rework of a component and showed my coworker. He gave me a high five emoji.
Great to have acknowledgement of work done.
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I’m so thankful for my microwave! I left my coffee out to get cold and used it to heat the coffee back up twice now! Haha!
I had hot coffee instead of cold coffee. :)!
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I went for a walk and saw a beautiful sunset.
Nature inspires me.
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not having to travel at Thanksgiving
more peace, less hassle
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Wendy Heckert
This person listened to me as I shared my reaction to a situation.
Her actions made me feel supported and gave me time to digest the situation.
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I've been reading Unbroken, and getting really drawn into the horrors the main character experienced.
I am reminded how lucky I am as to where and when I was born, and how thankful and grateful I should be every day. It's easy to get caught up in the stressors of my daily life, and harder to remember my life is SO easy compared to those who came before me.
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I sent my friend a therapy lamp from Amazon because it is gray there and he was feeling low.
Felt wonderful. He left me a message on WhatsApp about how much it means to him.
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My co-worker described me as a rock star in an email to someone else that I was cc-ed on
This made me smile and work harder at my job! feeling appreciated and recognized for hard work motivates me to keep working and makes me feel good and valued.
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I had the opportunity to coach a large group of employees at our local hospital, last eve. The topic was gratitude and I am grateful.
I got to introduce the benefits of a gratitude practice and mindfulness to others who may need it or may share it. I gave some valuables tools and some practical usage for them.