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What are you grateful for?

-   January 23, 2023
My mom was able to drive me to school today
I was able to attend school today.
-   January 22, 2023
for there time
they made me happy
-   January 22, 2023
They supported me when I needed their help on a shift
I felt less pressure to handle everything by myself.
-   January 22, 2023
We went to church today and afterwards spent the day relaxing with each other.
It made the day go by and I felt appreciated for the small gesture.
-   January 22, 2023
I am grateful that I was able to say goodbye to a resident who I was close with before she passed. We don’t always get the chance to actually say goodbye. I sat with her in her room for about 10 minutes just chatting.
I felt closure and knew she was at peace with passing
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-   January 21, 2023
I told him we should talk out our problem and we both felt better when we did.
I felt really happy.
-   January 21, 2023
Shared knowledge
I will be able to do what they have done
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-   January 21, 2023
Got to swim 1.4 k in pool last night. Got a lane to myself
Healthy exercise
-   January 21, 2023
I didn’t have to travel back home but my parents made the effort to travel to where I am instead
I didn’t have to experience the anxiety of going there, of adapting to a brand new experience. I also didn’t have to sit thru 6-7 hours driving with motion sickness.
-   January 20, 2023
I forgot my notes at home and my friend shared her notes with me in class.
It made me happy
-   January 20, 2023
I am grateful for my coworkers, who stepped in and helped out with the remembrance ceremony that I planned at work today.
It made the entire ceremony go off without a hitch, which meant a lot to the families in attendance.
-   January 20, 2023
My dad supports me in all my deeds. He makes sure I have everything I need.
My dad bring me food sometimes. And teaches me how to drive a car.
-   January 20, 2023
job fair
got to have exposure
-   January 20, 2023
I felt grateful for the lunchable pizza I had today because it helped me get some energy and I enjoyed wrestling yesterday.
IT helped me keep awake in school and get through the day because I was hungry.
-   January 20, 2023
My coworker helped me with my freezer last night because I had so much to do already.
Helped me help her clean up faster and made my job easier
-   January 20, 2023
A friend I haven't spoke to in a while wished me a happy birthday
Brightened my day a little.
-   January 20, 2023
I missed a day of school and my classmate shared her notes with me.
This benefits me because i got to finish what i missed that day.
-   January 20, 2023
This morning I left the house without a water and my brother gave me his.
Now today I will have water and not dehydrate.
-   January 20, 2023
My reading teacher pulled me aside and talked to me about my scores and i passed a huge test.
I got to see where i stand in that class and how my teacher can help me to achieve a higher score.
-   January 20, 2023
what my friend did to make me feel grateful was he ended up buying me coffee since when I wake up in the morning really tired
It made me happier and fully fulfiled my day making it so much better
-   January 20, 2023
Im grateful to be alive
i get to spend time with my family and friends everyday.
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-   January 20, 2023
i got my paycheck today
more money
-   January 20, 2023
im grateful for my brother
today he bought me food before school
-   January 20, 2023
My partner thanked me for taking care of him while he is sick
He told me he feels thankful that I actually care about him getting better soon, and that made me very happy...
-   January 20, 2023
My girlfriend saw that I was hungry and gave me food while we watched the game.
so much