Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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This morning my first bus was delayed in its journey to the transfer point, by an accident that must have just happened, so I missed my connection to get to work. But one of the bus supervisors (Bill) had a van ready and waiting to get myself and another woman to our destinations, rather than making us wait for the next bus.
I was only slightly late to work. Not enough to be a concern to anyone.
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She took care of our mother before she transitioned.
It allowed me to continue with my life...challenging as that life was at the time.
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The usual group of friends went for a short hike in not-too-muddy conditions.
The benefits were various. We stayed dry because it didn’t rain. We enjoyed each other’s company and conversation as well as different environments. We went to a bike cafe at the end and enjoyed their teas, coffees and cakes. We sat round a large table and shared laughter (and probably, innocently, drew attention to ourselves)
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My colleague gave me the opportunity to become a University Professor
Because of his kindness I am a Special Lecturer at a 4 year college doing what I love to do.
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I defended my dissertation successfully, and was heartened to see how many people came to witness and encourage me!
It reminded me that the small kindnesses we show people pay off over time, and that it is always better to speak to a positive audience.
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My rain gear fell of of the back of my bicycle just as I reached my destination this morning.
I was so thankful it hadn't fallen off earlier since it was raining tonight which could have made for a pretty miserable return commute, not to mention losing an expensive rain coat.
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showed up for jury duty
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I am grateful for my profession of librarian which allows me the opportunity to earn money while working in a environment which allows me access to all sorts of information and entertainment-books, magazines, games. Also allows me the chance to help children learn the love of reading.
I made me happy to know I don't have to dread going to work each morning.
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Marianne Bolton
There was a new flavour of Ben and Jerry icecream in the shops (vanilla, choc chips and gingerbread biscuits and spice). This made me very happy as there haven't been new flavours of icecream for ages and it's a real treat checking out new ones.
It gave me something new to experience and enjoy and livened up a dreary wet afternoon.
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gracias Ines por todas nuestras charlas y porque al lado tuyo he crecido y evolucionado como persona
con sus actos me ayuda a conseguir mi sueño de tener mi propia empresa
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I was sitting in the station waiting for the bus and when I got up I had forgotten I had put one of my favourite scarves on the seat. A lady passing by saw it, picked it up and brought it to me. I felt so lucky!!
Without her passing by and picking it up to return it to me, I could have lost one of my favourite scarves, and I would have been sad and frustrated for losing it.
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I walked along Sunset Cliffs at sunset and seeing the orange glow of the just-set sun over the Pacific Ocean, low tide revealing picturesque rocks and sand at the base of the well-worn cliffs, with the cool breeze and my husband and dog beside me, was awe-inspiring.
It reminded me how lucky I am to live in Sunset Cliffs, Point Loma, San Diego, California, and to have eyes to see the beauty that I'm granted every day. Especially when I awoke that morning to an almost full moon before dawn. To see the end of the evening and the start of the next evening were beautiful bookends to my day.
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It was 34 out this am at about 6am. But, it made for an invigorating and pleasant walk with my dog. The stars and planets were beautiful.
It felt nice to be able to enjoy walking in the cool outdoors. We looked at Christmas decorations in front of houses. It felt nice to just be with my Girl and watch her sniff the smells and enjoy the world.
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Beautiful fall day and went for a walk with my spouse and dog, then worked on refurbishing our beautiful dining table
So glad to have clean air to breath
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More Adventurous
I'm a teacher, and going back to work after a break is always challenging. I work with high school juniors and seniors and as stressful as the job is, it's always delightful to see their silly faces after a break and remember how much I love them. I'm feeling grateful for them.
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Though I had some small dread yesterday in anticipation of returning to work today after a two week vacation, it was a low stress day, and I felt like I got something done. Also grateful for the extra rest I got last night after getting to bed a bit early and sleeping soundly.
This all made the remainder of my evening at home that much sweeter and restful without worries about the following work day.
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Today I have a problem with my bike. The back tire was losing air. I changed it just before I was departing for work, but the tire continued losing air. I don’t know why, I guess, maybe I made a mistake when I installed it. So, as I was in a hurry, I decide to go to work with the tire without air, It was a little uncomfortable, and I was a little concern that I could damage my bike in this way. But I got to job, and then when I have to come back, in the night, I pass to inflate the tire to a gas station, and I could got home, over my bike, with the tire full. I guess it must have had a tiny hollow in the rubber of the tire, so that was why It was losing air, but still I could get home very quickly.
Actually, it was a very nice trip, compared to the trip of the morning (with the tire without air)
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I researched and got answers for my boss before she was even sure what questions to ask about a project.
I felt like my work, which I thought was just ordinary and expected, was genuinely appreciated and made her job easier. It made me more proud of my efforts than I had felt after just completing the task.
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My boss thanked me for all my hard work and for being on top of things. He also shared kind comments about me to other co-workers.
I felt that my work was valued and that I can make a difference in making someone else's life easier through my support.
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My friend and colleague prepared me a cup of tea when she heard that I was not feeling well
My stomach was better after having that nice cup of tea made with care and love
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I went for a walk and spoke over the phone into my voice recorder. I relayed all the times where I said "I want [this...]" and got it. I said, this time, "I want a job in creative consulting". When I returned from the walk, I saw a message in my inbox offering free admission to a creative consulting conference.
It reminded me that I have immense power. That I have, time and time again, wanted something and got it. It is an opportunity to advance my career and learn how to advance my career.
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A friend rang to remind me that we’re due to meet up for a hike tomorrow.
We planned to car share and set a time to meet. It’s my turn to drive. I’m glad to be involved with this friendly group
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I started the second stage of my fitness plan at the gym. Increased weights, fewer reps. I pushed myself to my limit on some of the exercises.
Of course the session benefited me physically. I always come out of a gym session feeling good both physically and mentally. I’m grateful for the facility, run by our local council. The membership cost is very reasonable.
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My husband feeds the dog every time he is home, and whenever possible given his schedule he does the morning walk, so I can have a leisurely breakfast.
Jack taking care of Lola's breakfast and her morning walk gives me time to go to the bathroom, eat a leisurely breakfast while it's still hot, and get a good start on my day.
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I went out yesterday and I was able to see my first floating light and it was really amazing
It reminded me how people can work together to make beautiful things