Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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Jerri Lyn
I almost skipped my 1st alarm, but I forced myself to get up to exercise. I do feel better about it; not only for the exercise but for the discipline.
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Daughter and daughter-in-law thanked me for easing their returning home for supper time with a toddler and 6 month old: extra hands to warm a bottle, a trip to the bathroom, another lap picking up dropped items.
I felt grateful to be included and then warmed by the family singing together which pulls them together and can become a stream of nourishment for them.
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Put them at ease while snoeshowing for the first time through encouragement, physically make sure they were comfortable and joy
It reminded me of who I am-healer, encourager, light giver, potential extractor!
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Jerri Lyn
It snowed yesterday. On the drive to work, the trees lining the street were covered in snow and looked so beautiful in the morning light. Almost magical.
Beauty is all around us.
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Subashini S
listened to the past trauma that happened in my life with empathy
made me feel secure and happy and loved
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As I used my inhaler, I felt grate to my friend who observed I wasn't using it correctly.That of course meant I wasn't getting the benefit for several years.
I hope that the COPD won't progress further no.
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Sylvie Fradette
She called me for getting to know me.
I was happy I did not have to do the call, I am a bit shy. It is nice to get to know new people. It made me a bit joyful for some time.
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The opportunity to work at Marshall's.
It gave me skills to be able to put down on my resume when looking for another job.'s picture
A few nights ago, I took my dogs outside and was surprised to find that it was snowing. It was so quiet and peaceful outside and the snow was falling gently. It was beautiful and I took a few moments to soak it in.
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Duong cooks great meals for us and I do not have to think about what is for dinner.
I can spend more time relaxing or enjoying Jakub.
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My daughter changed her plans and we picked up her children together from daycare. I enjoyed sharing the experience with her and then she stayed for a simple supper - oatmeal and strawberries. Her wife joined us and and stayed for another hour.
It felt like a "blessing" was given to my home to have us all together here for the evening meal.
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My car is nearly 12 years old, so it doesn't have all the "bells and whistles" that the newer models offer. But every time I drive out early on a foggy day, I am grateful for the tiny bell that rings if I should forget to turn the lights off.
What a fine thing it is to be protected from one's own simple absent-mindedness. How wonderful human beings are when they design things that help each other.
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I reviewed my 2019 journal as part of my own little New Year celebration-- and recalled that when I reviewed my medicine cabinet, I discovered that many of the headache pills and allergy meds I'd purchased had expired before I could use them.
It reminded me that in spite of some ongoing health concerns, I can recall that I am pretty healthy in some respects. It's a good thing!'s picture
Our new Roomba arrived yesterday. As I'm checking my e-mail, the crazy thing is vacuuming the living room. I'm going to set it in a few minutes to vacuum the other front room. I need to figure out how to do the hard wood floors.
I'm able to take care of other items and vacuum at the same time!
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The editor/writer of the condo association newsletter had two articles in the current newsletter which surprised and delighted me. The first about the prevalence and danger of skunks who have shown up here sick but can appear cuddly to children; and pets might attempt to investigate. And she included a long review about a local appliance repair man who has been especially helpful. He overflows with integrity which we old ladies particularly need.
I didn't receive any personal benefit but others in my community may.
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It's a beautiful morning. I am warm and the birds are all over the place looking for seeds. I feel thankful for everyone, everything.
It does feel good, this second day of hopefully a year of benefit to all.
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My daughter and daughter-in-law thanked me for the time their daughter spent sleeping over on New Year's Eve. They sent me a photo just before midnight of fizzy apple juice which gave me a smile.
I felt close to them and savored the connections and their sharing of their children who I can watch with awe as they add skills and language grow. So much humor.
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Spent an hour+ trying to exchange tix to an event.
Glad I could make it work out so that we could all go.'s picture
Last night, I was woken from the heavy winds. I could hear the wind, but I couldn't feel it.
I was able to snuggle in my bed and go back to sleep without having to be in the wind.
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I got accepted into the tech apprenticeship program and will begin training on January 6th! I am SO EXCITED about this. This enabled me to quit the job and get away from the terrible people I worked with and it feels like the whole world has been lifted off my shoulders.
I am so excited to start my new career and this new chapter in my life where it feels like I have much more control in my work.
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I was grateful for the public library with someone to help me find a book for my daughter-in-law after not being able to decode their new system for displaying the books. The building is light filled and open and warm and clean and the folks are welcoming and knowledgable with good humor. Lots of resources and fun to see someone from my neighborhood.
I savored the feeling of settling into this community; it added to my understanding that I can take new steps and grow - maybe pushing back some of legacy which isn't helpful.
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I am thankful to my mom for being willing and able to change her perception of me. We had a difficult fight, and I felt we would not be able to recover from it, but now things are improving and I feel I have my mom back.
This reminded me that people can change and surprise you, and that I am not stuck inside of experiences I can’t navigate or control. It also reminded me that I need to take initiative to also be the person who surprised others s
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I attended my dear brother's retirement party, at which one of his longtime coworkers reminded me of a word I had long ago coined for "a problem treated as an inspiration": "Oops-ortunity." She said she had made its concept a positive part of her working vocabulary, and thanked me for it.
I was so warmed by this! I like to believe that we all stir positive ripples in our world without being aware of the effect-- but OH what a grateful thing it is to have someone actually inform us that we somehow have been useful or cheering.
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To have a tribe of people that get me and that I get.
It reminded me how powerful it is to have a place and experience of being and feeling psychologically safe enough to want to grow and love.
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Sylvie Fradette
A client gave me chairs for free.
This will embellished my apartment and make me feel cozy!