Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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Kim Gorga
In this time when we are both working from home, it's been a bit of a challenge to both work in the same room. He chose to create a new office in an unused room so that we can both work in our own workstyles.
I can now work in silence when I need to.
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Nick Camp
I hung out with my significant other
This reminded me how lucky I am to be in a relationship
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Nick Camp
She made me chicken teriyaki and peas for dinner
This made my belly full and provided me a healthy meal
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Nick Camp
I came back in a game of valorant
It made me happy to keep my elo
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Last night, my friends and I all traded these new photos from an official paid book. It's from this series popular in another country so we don't usually have much access to these things. Instead we make a black market to trade stuff, and I really wanted to see the photos. So it was nice.
Now I don't have to pay $90. Yay!
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I attended an inspiring class about joy.
It reminded me that joy doesn't depend on the emotions of the present.
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I was a bit sad and she invited me have a coffee together.
I felt cared for.
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Good choices. I went to the dentist and that perpetuated some more healthy habits.
It reminded me that I have the power then I make good choices.
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Adi and adir helps me cope with bad emotions and self criticism and points in life
It helped me see things in perspective, helped me process my thoughts and emotions
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Today I am grateful for my daily walks with my dog.
Walking gives me the time to just get out of the house during this pandemic and enjoy the fresh air.
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James the Scott
I am grateful for my ability to wake up without an alarm.
It lets me wake up gently most days and is a deep source of relaxation for me.'s picture
I feel grateful that we are able to start the school year with students in the building.
We will be able to make connections with kids and teach protocols for distance learning more easily by having students in the building.
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I feel grateful for large families. We visited my husband’s family and I love the hustle and bustle of large families, talking over one another and laughing.
Just all being together is something we aren’t able to do as much nowadays with the pandemic. Even with masks on, it was so comforting to be surrounded by people that support one another.
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I am grateful for the beautiful place that I live now.
It reminds me of how lovely our planet still is and keeps me inspired to keep fighting for conservation efforts.
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I am grateful for Chadwick Boseman. He was a talented artist and he always made me smile.
I admired him and now that I know how we endured illness through resilience he is truly a role model.
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James the Scott
I woke up this morning as I have woken most of this week, with a sense of inner sadness and anxiety. My work has been extremely tough, my mind and body are exhausted. The early starts and late nights bypassing and frustrating my attempts to quel my unruly feelings. This morning I woke up the same sadness, panic, fear and depression. But no meetings, no things to do, just myself and the weight of the world on my chest making it hard to breathe. I stumble through writing my journal and all the time I feel my sadness pinning me down I don't know how I can go though the weekend feeling like this. I start to think about what I am grateful for and in a flash it comes to me..
I am grateful for the time to be sad, upset, paniced and depressed. Feeling those things throughout the week, it's hard to see any way out from them. It is easy to forgo those feelings for the sake of work or committments. Having the time to feel my feelings and explore them are a luxury. Feeling sad is part of being human, and making the time for that is so important in understanding my mind, body and spirit. So today I am grateful for the time to let my feelings in, to understand them, to know them and accept them for what they are.
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Fernanda Miranda
My husband care for me
Make me feel valuable and grateful for such special, faifhfull, supportive and lovely husband,
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Fernanda Miranda
I am grateful for the opportunity to learn every day. Specially for being able to enroll for Psycology positive course in Brazil
Is is given me a hunger to study more and be able to support people around me
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Laura Brucs
Mi casa, es mi hogar. Me da paz, cobijo donde reccuperarme y donde celebrar
Lo afortunada que soy y lo orgullosa que puedo estar por ello
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West Sacramento, CA, USA: Umami in the small bits of smoked cheese, prosciutto, sesame crackers and avocado.
Grateful that being mindful of these little delights, when purposing to take them in, can overwhelm negative feelings.
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Diana Artunduaga
I explained about a contract, and as he has been my customer so many years, he told me a lot of good nice things I didn´t really expected.
I felt closer and even offer him my coaching services.
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My body being able to run. This morning as I ran I felt extreme gratitude for my legs, arms and body as it moved. It is a gift to be able to run, thankful.
It was a great way to begin my day, cleared my energy of any negative vibe that surrounded me.
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I got to have some undistracted one-on-one time with my husband after he had been away for a week for work.
Any chance we get to sit together and just listen to one another makes me feel more and more connected to him, especially with the monotony of marriage day-to-day.
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In the week I told my sis that I was craving a good burrito, yesterday she showed up unexpectedly with a burrito and it was amazing, I really enjoyed it.
My dinner was taken care of, I did not have to make anything.
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My second day of work this year was full and engaging.
I loved being busy and useful.