Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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MD told me in detail why he appreciated me coming over for dinner.
Yesterday was rough--I really had an emotional hurdle, so it was nice to talk to a loved one about it. He also had stuff he wanted to talk about too. It was a fun dinner, also very heartfelt and therapeutic at moments.
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Did the Greater Good GAINING PERSPECTIVE ON NEGATIVE EVENTS practice and felt better after doing so. I'd saved this exercise many months ago and had the perfect reason to try it today. I was skeptical about it having any value for me and had a bit of difficulty feeling like I was "doing it right." However, just taking the time to try it left me feeling better and lighter! Seems the value of this practice comes not from any particular goal or outcome but just by doing it. It reminds me of how the simple Self Compassion Break practice, also a five minute exercise, can be helpful.
I was pleased to feel some small comfort and relief. It's also self-affirming whenever I put forth energy in times like this when I least desire to do so and feel like it won't help. Experienced delight also about how magically this little exercise worked! Whouda thunk?
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ich habe bei yamuna die frauengruppe gemacht
ich habe mich vor allem dadurch dem missbrauch genähert, durch dessen aufarbeitung ich meine depressionen verloren habe und irgendwann auch wieder spaß an sex habe
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I went to work for the first time and it felt awesome, I felt useful and that I was learning new interesting things.
I’m learning new things and getting to know new people
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My "second brain" came up with a creative solution to an intractable problem facing the Executive Team today!
Myleva suggested this happens because of having studied creative problem solving over many years ... yet I'm unable to explain how ideas, fixes and solutions seem to come from nowhere when I'm not applying any techniques nor purposely looking for answers. Grateful for the magic!
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Through exercising patience, encouragement and sharing exercises for improving positivity, self compassion and gratitude with a co-worker she told me "I appreciate you," today.
Her thanks gave me a good feeling that my compassion towards her has value.
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One of our members was really at the end of her rope and on the verge of tears. I stayed even a little later than I intended to trying to help her and get to the bottom of it.
The more I talked to her the more gnarly I realized her situation was. I did not and could not solve the problem for her or give her a magic bullet to fix the problem, but I saw the conversation did help calm her nerves. I will be talking to her again and help her as best I can. I could tell she got some relief from our conversation if not a perma-fix. She was grateful for my time.
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My Spanish lesson was cancelled due to tutor being sick. So, I switched gears and made it to the Weds am Qi Gong class instead.
How great Qi Gong is and helpful it is in dealing with anxiety.
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My partner is there for me even during hard times.
I'm very grateful for the emotional stability knowing he's there provides me.
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I sent my friend some fancy deodorant that she couldn't get where she lives but wanted to try.
I felt happy. I miss her and wish she lived closer, but these small things help us stay involved in each other's lives.
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I saw a girl who needed help badly to get from Austin to Houston. Both her am busses had already left and she had another one at 11:30 am or 10 pm. It was already 11 and I finally asked her if she needed a ride to the bus stop. She was so greatfull. Ultimalty I did not end up giving her a ride but it triggered everyone else in the room to offer her help as well after I initiated. As a result she was able to carpool directly with someone going to Houston. I love when complete strangers work together to help one another.
My goal in life is to help anyone in need, whether I know their name or not. It felt good knowing that me approaching her asking if she needed help, then triggered others to do the same.
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I am sober today and thinking clearly.
It reminds me I’m capable of getting through tough times.
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making me a cup of tea and majking me feel so welcome in my new office
it makes me feel welcome
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I got a good night's sleep.
For me, a good night's sleep gets me off on the right foot and just makes everything easier.
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My art & envelope exchanges!
Love that I have this outlet. So glad there are groups to exchange with.
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That the roads aren't too bad.
Had some freezing rain, but it soon stopped and didn't ice up the roads. (Let's hope tomorrow is better!)
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Socializing at the gym today.
Didn't get much of a workout in, but it felt good to chat and catch up with others.
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My husband finished the dishes
It was one less thing for me to do in the morning
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I was very thrifty at the grocery store.
I ended up getting everything for 42 dollars when normally it would have cost 110 and I got everything I wanted.
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A male coworker has a young student who was struggling with managing a personal hygiene problem. Being unable to address the specifics with her, he outlined the problem and asked me to help her. I was able to casually guide her through naming and managing her problem. Once solved, her entire demeanor changed and she was able to focus, participate fully in her class, and learn again.
I felt closer to my coworker and useful to the group.
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West Sacramento, CA: Thankful for a novel downloaded from the library. Enjoying the intrigue of the story and the privilege of it being available at no charge.
Becoming aware through the practice of gratitude is making even small delights add up to a greater sense of well being.
Dr Mo
My oldest friend Barbara who took time out of work to send me a message of love and then to speak with me today
Made me smile and realise how fortunate I am to have her still in my life after all these years and to feel loved and supported from afar.
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A group of members of the same sports club occasionally organise a book swap and they told me in advance of today’s get together so I could contribute.
It felt good to be included in the group again. I donated eight books and brought four others home. The conversation was wide ranging, too, and some members I’d not seen for a long time asked what I’d been doing. I felt comfortable.
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One of the principal carers who helped look after my late husband stopped me in the supermarket today and spent time asking how I am - real listening.
I felt so grateful that he had remembered us and knew it was the right thing to do to approach me. Carl was one of two principal carers who looked after Stuart and they were both superb. Stuart trusted them implicitly. Carl’s natural caring mind made him reach out to me, today. Fortunate are his current clients, that’s for sure.
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My family was in the neighborhood and they stopped by.
It's nice they were thinking of me and that we could do an impromptu short visit .