Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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For helping on a project
Good. Glad I could help.
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This person showed their gratitude by thanking me for being a big help setting up their account and making it as easy as possible with all the helpful information i had.
I felt good that I was able to help.
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I am grateful for the sunshine.
I know winter is upon us and there will me many dark days ahead. Even though it is cold out, it's great to see some sunshine.
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Jerri Lyn
Maria and I went to Melting Pot last night (for which her company paid), and she bought the two of us tickets to see Betrayal on Broadway!
I'm a huge fan of Tom Hiddleston and I'm thrilled to be able to see him perform in person!
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I'm alive now.
I'm alive now.
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That i was able to pick up all 3 needed meds today; I had just enough money!
i was able to continue w my pain management and not worry.
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I took the bus to work today (a 1.5-hour commute), and it turned out I had to work late. My boyfriend offered to pay for an Uber home so I wouldn’t have to ride the bus back. On top of if, he ordered teriyaki for delivery so there could be food as soon as I walked in the door (he knew I hadn’t had time to eat lunch).
When it comes to time versus money, I always prioritize time - so my wallet gets pretty thin. As a result, I have started making an effort to cut back on my expenses, but in cases like these, it limits my free time. My boyfriend knows how overwhelmed I feel by the constant balance of adult responsibilities, so just making sure I could get home in decent time and I could get fed was so kind. A seemingly small act but it made me feel loved and taken care of.
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Kids grandparents sometimes give me or kids food, sometimes help me watch the kids.Lots of things happened, but they still open their hearts to me. They made me feel wonderful.
They give me feelings of family, a precious and priceless thing anyone can have.
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Some people in the store or on the street smiled to me.
This made me feel happy.
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I was able to take my time getting ready in the morning, enjoying coffee and using my Happy Light.
It reminded me that although I work really hard, I am extremely lucky to have a flexible schedule.
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My mom and I had hours of close conversation. I talked about my life, and she also opened up and shared more with me about significant memories from her childhood.
Out of this, I felt a sense of gratitude for the close relationship I have with my mom. We can mutually share our feelings and experiences without judgment.
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A person who interviewed for the room has decided to move in!
She seems like she will be a nice person to live with.
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Supported me when I had a fight with my son.
I felt supported. I was able to forgive my son faster and make amends.
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It was a general thank you for being a good friend.
I felt immense gratitude that my friend was so kind to go out of her way to thank me, "just because"
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My friend Yosef was kind to me and let me cry over the phone.
I realized how lucky I am to have people I can be authentic with even if it means having a blubbering moment.
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Kids father has been supporting me financially. Without his finance support, I could have been having a much harder life and worries. I'm very very grateful about his support.
I can pay for a place to live, I can have less stress,kids get better food and care....I will have a very different life if he was not supporting these years. I am grateful about this every day.
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Canada helps me financially.
I have the money to raise my children. I can buy them healthy food. I don't need to worry a lot financially.
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I wrote a thank you message to my previous principal who employed me as a teacher in school.
I 'm glad that my principal still remembers me.
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Someone I"m helping is a source of inspiration and comfort to me as I enjoy their company and am enjoying seeing them develop a skill.
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Thankful that although the computer debacle required starting work early and on a somewhat negative note, the greater joy was leaving early and enjoying this extended Mental Health Friday evening! For recent feelings of some peace and joy and low levels of stress at work especially in light of impending retirement. It's a nice time and enjoyable to have these special feelings and moments.
I doubt that years from now I'll remember what this was like, so it's good to write about it here.
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My colleague, who is also someone I consider a friend, opened up to me about something she considers a secret, something that all of three people know about her. I feel incredibly grateful to have that level of psychological safety with her but also that it brought us closer together as colleagues and friends.
It made me feel trusted but that I could also trust her with information about me that not many people know.
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I've had so much work on, I haven't had time to chat with my friends. Tonight gave me a brief opportunity to do this and it was wonderful. Nothing in particular happened. It was just so lovely and heartening to connect with them.
It left me feeling more relaxed, optimistic, brighter, grateful towards them and generally positive.
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Jerri Lyn
I love the website/app, Letterboxd.
I'm a huge movie fan and I have a little bit of OCD. This site lets me track every movie I see, rate, review, and make lists. It's one of the most robust fan sites I've ever come across. It's a free site, but I pay for Pro level so I can see my aggregated data for each year, and for overall, including the pictured trackers. Seriously, Letterboxd makes me so happy!
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My classmate helped me send the assignment power point to the lecturer.
Her help alleviates my workload. I don't have to worry about assignment after presentation.
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I feel grateful today for my lifted mood. I don't know where or why it has arrived but I feel lighter and more relaxed. optimistic. Maybe in part inspired by a very touching book called Eleanor Elephant is absolutely fine.