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What are you grateful for?

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I felt grateful to be back home in my little condo. The stress just lowered in my muscles - no need to be on guard about what wasn't okay. No one correcting me for food I was eating, or the expression on my face or listening to music or changing the thermostat. It's fine for me to take time to unpack, to procrastinate starting the laundry and going grocery shopping. And to savor the new tea cup.
I could take time to walk half a mile to the playground with my granddaughter at a slow pace to ease the pain of tight muscles in my back; and then watch her splash in all the puddles we found. I could enjoy her running away so I would have to run after her and catch up.
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Pranay Teja
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I talked with Amy who was very anxious on the plane. She was very grateful for my understanding of why her anxiety can be debilitating, about my knowledge of the underlying maladaptions and how important her reliance on God is. Also she was grateful that I asked her for help with food coaching an area she has finesse in.
I felt affirmed for my listening skills; I felt I'd good I'd asked for help. I felt connected - seen and not judged. I have savored her thanks and held it up in contrast to my depression of the days preceding.
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Jerri Lyn
A former coworker got me a job at my current workplace
It was great to know that he thought so highly of me to recommend me for the position in a very small office. I had been out of work for several months so he literally helped me put food on the table.
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I gave a street person a little bag of holiday food and treats.
I felt happily human.
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A fellow thanked me after my 12 step meeting for sharing my story and how much she related. She said she was inspired and appreciated my humor and grace in the telling of my story.
I felt honored that my crazy experience could be an inspiration and that my sharing of my stuff enabled me to be of service to someone else.
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Jerri Lyn
Taking care of a friend's dog while he's out of town. He had been worried about his options and did not think I would do it because of my cat. He was so pleased I volunteered because Toby is his best friend and wouldn't be as comfortable with some of his other options.
It made me feel like trusted and special. His gratitude was palpable.
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Sylvie Fradette
His presence in my life, makes my journey so much easier and confortable and happier!
It makes me feel love, secure and I have a sens belonging.
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While not excited by the prospect of retirement party hoopla at the office, a colleague expressed interest in meeting my sister which resulted in inviting all siblings -- something not considered earlier. Because of circumstances outside of my control, instead of excitement over retirement, the last two years were not ones of anticipatory joy but of secrecy and loneliness. My siblings are planning to come and celebrate with me which has resulted in wonderful feelings of support and joy!
Finally, something which is typically joyful for people feels that way for me.
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Grateful for positive feelings of care and acceptance from coworkers -- sensing they will miss this presence who has been with them for 28 years.
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Today, the last day, I am thankful for my home, all the people in my life, my companion dog, and that I have my wits about me, food to eat, and medical care. I see many people every day who have not any of these things.
I am reminded that I am very fortunate and every day can give thanks for all this.
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Someone helped me in a shop
It reminded me how good people are.
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my body is healthy (even with some chronic health issues) as a cancer survivor 16 years post cancer-free every day I am grateful for a walk in the Redwoods where I live. For an integrity of body mind and spirit. For those close to me with people as is no changes needed.
I am able to overcome difficulty with this outlook.
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Sylvie Fradette
My client said to my boss that he had a great service with me.
Very pleased that my work was recognized and express to my boss. It ment a lot to me.
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I saw a beautiful hawk today on a power line that I wouldn’t have seen unless I had been running late to work. A hidden silver lining in a otherwise stressful morning.
Seeing the hawk made me grateful in a way for running late for work since if I were on time I wouldn’t have seen her.'s picture
When our college cancelled classes due to inclement weather, I had an unexpected free morning, which I used making hummus and pita for my daughter's family, which has recently move here from Israel. We pretty much ate both batches for lunch and supper.
I know that my Son-in-Law really appreciates when I make hummus, but when my 5 & 3 year old grandsons repeatedly asked for pita, my heart was quite gratified.
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Jerri Lyn
My job is both easy and challenging.
I look forward to going to work on most days, even Mondays, even during the busiest times of the year.
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I put in a ton of work all year to make sure they had high-quality project results
I felt seen and grateful for the recognition
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On Monday my husband went for a scheduled angiogram. They found a main artery was 90% blocked. We had no idea prior to the test. The nurse told me that given the location and the extent of the blockage, left untreated, he would have, without a doubt, suffered a massive heart attack. They put a stent in while they were in there. Now it is wide open. Yay!! I am just so grateful that we calmly drove to the hospital ourselves Monday morning instead of flying there in an ambulance or worse going slow with no hope after an attack. We were there by about 6:15 am and we walked out at about 4:30 pm. They didn’t even keep him overnight. It feels like quite a series of miracles. Best Christmas gift I could ask for! He is doing really well today. He just has to take it easy for a week... no lifting or vigorous work.
I am so grateful that I still have by dear husband by my side. I feel incredibly blessed.
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Annie B
I arrived home to find a gift on my door step. It was unexpected. The gift was a lovely pot plant and came from an elderly couple who live near me. They can no longer drive and occasionally they ask me to drive them somewhere.
It made be feel grateful that I'm still fit and healthy enough to be able to take care of others.
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This person set up a Let's dish food train for a friend who is struggling
I was hoping to help this person, so was able to give some money to help, but not have to do the work.
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Just because I'm still here
I know things will get better
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Jerri Lyn
Everything I tried to do last night failed (on top of leaving my phone at work).
I still had a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. My troubles aren't that bad.
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I bought them dinner and lunch after a long journey of difficult travel.
I felt good and glad that I could help them a little bit given there a challenging day.
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I am grateful for one of my friends. She is often there for me when I am having an anxiety attack, depression episode, or I am just feeling alone. We share jokes and kitty family stuff., life events and random thoughts and feels. I'm really grateful to have her as such a good friend!
It's more of constant care and thoughtfulness that I'm grateful for. I often thank her, but she feels like it's completely natural and feels confused when I thank her so much. She asks sheepishly, "Of course I would feel and do these things for you. What else would you expect me to say/do?" Which of course only makes me more grateful for her unconditional feeling support. She's a sweetheart and I'm so lucky to have her as a close friend.