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What are you grateful for?

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My grandmother helped me feel a part of my family. I’ve often felt different than my siblings and my mom, but she was similar to me in indescribable ways. That helped me to feel like I belonged. I miss her. She is now gone from us and she’s loved.
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A friend reached out to me for support.
It reminded me how beautiful it is to be trusted with another person’s vulnerability (and, by extension, to be brave with my own).
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My brother-in-law's roommate invited me out on his boat on the lake this weekend to experience an absolutely beautiful day and some amazing scenery.
I was able to get out of my house and had a wonderful day filled with joy. I experienced the outdoors on a hot Arizona summer day and saw some amazing scenery.
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I was given compassion and patience yesterday for a bout of depression and physical pain.
It gave me the wisdom and energy to return the favor to my partner today.
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Dat ik in de Dreambuilding groep zit met vrouwen die ik kan vertrouwen.
Ik kan open en eerlijk zijn over mijn gevoelens.
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During a heart to heart talk, someone else's wisdom and emotional knowledge helped me put words to emotions and helped me discover I never realized what PRESENCE was.
It opened my eyes to see the root of my memory problem, the source of unresolved resentment from others, and allows me to ask forgiveness to those I was not present for.
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I've often expressed thanks on Thnx4 to those who publicly share their gratitude. Again this evening there is mudita-joy reading your entries -- beautiful reminders of the shared joys and struggles of being human.
Your entries lift me up. Thank you.
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Grateful for the joy and delight experienced in rereading "Idiot's Guides: Mindfulness" by Domyo Sater Burk. Such wisdom! Wish it were titled "Practitioner's Guide" instead of the sekf-deprecating "idiot" but cannot fault the author for having found a market for her insightful and cogent writing. Hoping the title helps get this book in the hands of others who may benefit from it.
Thankful for the author's sacrifice of time and energy in writing it.
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I took my dog for a walk and he was so happy running off leash and swimming in the canal, wildly bounding back and forth.
I was reminded of how lucky I am to have this puppy, to have my own dog for the first time, such a sweet and loving and silly companion. I was also reminded of how lucky I am to have such a nice place to walk my dog, literally in my backyard, with beautiful views and a safe space for him to run free.
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My adviser returned my e-mail much more quickly than I expected.
I applied to graduation from school and got a reply stating that I was a class short and wouldn't be able to graduate in December. Based on previous conversations with my adviser I knew this couldn't be true, but there was still a part of me that feared I would be kept from graduating. I e-mailed him my concerns and he responded first to let me know he was looking into it, and again to let me know he figured out what the problem was and fixed it, meaning I was good to graduate in December. My panic and potential fury disappeared immediately, and I felt much better after.
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My english teacher who help me to learn and do my best every day. He is so patient with me.
He help me to improve my skills, and correct me with love, patience and kindness
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I tried a new difficult pose in yoga class yesterday and it worked!
I'm so grateful for my teacher for suggesting we try it, no matter our skill level. I felt comfortable to do something I typically would never try. Because of his encouragement and the fact it actually worked, I am proud of myself for doing something new. I'm grateful for helping me achieve such a feeling of accomplishment, which I haven't felt in a long time.
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My therapist said some very nice things about me. She said I was raw and honest and precious.
She affirmed some good qualities I possess, which reminds me that I have value.
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A nice work day today without a lot of stress but filled with enough lower level, but interesting, challenges to fill the day and make it go quickly.
This was especially welcome after having enjoyed a lot of vacation days and short weeks lately with this being the first full week back.
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Grateful for wonderful opportunity to practice equanimity in meditation this morning as a spider crawled over my face and neck. Didn't discover how large it was until 45 minutes later upon opening eyes ... they're usually little 1/4 inch individuals!
Always having new things to learn makes life full and rich.
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My son is a joy and I feel grateful to be able to spend time with him
Spending time with my son makes the stress of work and the world disappear.
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My cats always want to be with me and when they go outside they always come back to me. Even when we go outside they want to hang out with me and get pets from me.
I don’t feel alone and I feel like someone loves me.
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The guy at target gave me a free basket
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I received a touch of love from all of my dogs and cat this morning just as I woke up. Carmen was walking on my head and meowing to say good morning, Bleu was sitting on my legs on the bed, Elvis was right at the door bouncing with excitement and Henry was sitting in the chair meowing to say hello as soon as I came out of the room.
They make me feel loved no matter what and help me to realize that all I need to smile is a little touch of love, and all they need is a touch of love back from me.
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I have informal but regular 1 on 1s with staff. My staff said that in 7 years he has never felt as energetic as he does now. He feels motivate to come to work everyday!
I was taken aback! I did not expect it. I have had a very stressful year being short 5 staff. I devoted so much time to rebuilding the team. Prior to him 3 other candidates didn't work out and I was feeling like a failure and very anxious. But it's all coming together. My hard work paid off.
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Encouraged me to make plans to spend an evening together watching tv or a movie - just hanging out.
Made me feel like she really enjoys being with me.
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I went to old Marian shrine in the deep woods near my hometown.
I was feeling at peace and gratefulnes.
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Thankful to feel some sense of happiness and lightness tonight after the first work week return from vacation!
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Thankful for Mental Health Friday ritual, part of which includes reading others' Thnx4 posts. Pleased to see the expressions of gratitude. Reminded that we are all fighting gravity. Thankful to be part of the human experience. Grateful for Mental Health Friday -- wonder what it will be tonight? Who knows; we'll see.
Sometimes there is magic.
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Cynthia S
I was introduced to Bright Line Eating by a friend. I didn't think I had food issues, and yet.... I'm finding such great success in establishing patterns of living, organizing my food and my daily practices of journaling and of listing my reasons for gratitude. Finally, I'm grateful that Susan Peirce Thompson mentioned this site so that I can extend the learning and the practice of gratitude.
The habits are helping me to establish a way of living that supports health and well being, both inside and out.